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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, May 16, 2005.

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  1. The mention of David Niven on the 100 Greatest Films thread made me wonder about the stars, celebs and other famous people who have served. Can we start to name them all?

    A surprise to me was that Billy Bragg was a tankie.
  2. Cpl Nookie was a squaddie ;-)
  3. Cpl Nookie.
  4. * Fusilier Maurice Micklethwaite served as a sniper in Korea. He later changed his name to Michael Caine and became a reasonably successful actor :wink:

    * Actor Lee Marvin served as a US marine infantry NCO in the pacific island-hopping campaigns of WW2

    * Novelist Auberon Waugh served in the early (army) iteration of the WW2 Commandos, the inspiration for his Sword of Honour trilogy.

    * Rap singing sensation Shaggy served as a US Marine artillery sergeant in the first Gulf War.

    * Politician Dennis Healey served as a RN Beachmaster on D-Day.

    * TV's Phil "Location Location Location" Spencer was a RM officer.

    * Oliver Reed was, incredibly, a National Service RMP.

    More to follow...
  5. Huey, from the Fun Loving Criminals was in the US Marines.

    Norman Wisdom was a Scaley

    So was Kris Akabusi (think he later went PT Corps but not sure)

    Andy McNab used to be in the Army, but I'm not sure what unit
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  7. Served with a geezer called "Chris Ryan" as well didn't he??? ;-)
  8. And some bloke called Peter de Billiere aswell apparently.
  9. I think it was the mobile bath and laundry unit.
  10. Leonard Rossiter was in the INT CORPS I think.
  11. I think Jim Bowen from bulleye was in the army as well, not sure what unit though
  12. Oliver Reid was a RAMC medic.
    His book 'READ ALL ABOUT ME' is absoluetly brilliant, first 4-5 chapters is about his army days. Worth reading.
  13. Richard Todd - the guy who was Guy Gibson in "The Dam Busters" and Maj Howard ("up the Ox and Bucks") in "The Longest Day" was a member of the 7th (Som LI) Parachute Battalion.

    In the film the Longest Day he plays Maj Howard who captures Pegasus Bridge - in real life he was a Pl Commander who, as part of the 7th Para Bn actually relieved Howard on the Bridge! One hell of a bloke.

    His interview on the Channel 4 programme was excellent. In particular the bit where after Guy Gibson lands and is offered to go for a drink with Barnes Wallis, he says he can't because he has some letters to write (to the families of those who never made it back) - he knew how hard this task was because he himself had to write so many.
  14. Ray Milland was a Life Guard or an RDG, I forget which and lets face it they are all a bunch of Household Cavalry!! :D

    Richard Burton was in the RAF,

    Nigel Benn was in 1RRF.

    Ted Heath was in the HAC while Harold Wilson was skulking and war dodging in the Ministry of Economic Warfare.

    Balkanexpress - Don't forget that Richard Todd got the MC for his exploits at Pegasus.

    Oh.. and Vegetius, Dennis Healey was a RE Beach Master.

    I of course served in the Queen's Own Light Pedants!! :D :D :D