Celebrity Shout Outs........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Do you mingle with good and the great…...?? I have. See what you think about these meetings with the stars.....

    I puked up in the street in Soho circa 1984 due to a bad pint. It splashed all over Alexei Sayle's feet. He was walking by at the time.

    I was involved in a fight in the Town Hall Hotel in Richmond circa 1987 that resulted in Leon Brittain (MP) getting sent flying over a table. He was really good about it.

    I got a good feel of Kathy Lloyd's tits (ex page 3 model - Google it) in a Liverpool pub in about 1991. She was not bothered.

    Me and The Guru had a pint with Tony Cottee in a beer tent in Stadtlohn, Germany, in about 1994. He’d been sent off in a pre-season friendly and had to pass the beer tent to get to the dressing rooms. He stood there sweating his bollox off in his kit having a quick swig. Good lad.

    I poured RED HOT coffee all over Gen Jackson in Gorni Vakuf in 1996(?). He wasn't happy, but laughed it off in the end.

    I saw Des Browne MP bollock-naked in the showers in Camp Souter. Not good.

    I flew back from Kabul sitting next to Peter Reid (ex Everton). Very funny bloke (him - not me).

    Ermmmmm………that’s about it.

    Beat that ARRSERs…….Impressive or what…..??
  2. I'm only impressed with the Everton bits mate!
  3. I was VERY impressed with the lovely Kathy's breasts....!

    I'm over tomorrow. Got tickets for Fulham and Charlton at home and West Ham away. Off to Brunei in June so that will be my last games for a while........

    (*sobs into his tea in his 'Everton - The People's Club' mug........)
  4. We had a pin up board full of Kathy pics in South Armagh a long time ago, she was lovely! I think Charlton will be my next one too, it's been changed to the Sunday though, hate it when they do that.
  5. Quite a few blues on here then?!
  6. Another blue here!
  7. We are the peoples posters!
  8. Where's the photographic evidence, didn't he say you were a boring tw*t, :D
  9. Remind me to avoid you - but well done with the coffee & Jacko
  10. I breifed Jeremy Clerkson on 'Actions on' when he stayed a few nights in my lines in Basra.

    I've talked to John Snow (Fat news guy) and bought him a drink. He doesn't look like a cider drinker to me but there you go.

    I've had a lift home by Pete Price (not too famous Merseyside DJ/Gaylord).

    I got drunk in Liverpool and told Danny Cadamadari (ex-Everton player) to f*ck off quite a few years ago, does that count?

    I've also been on BFBS Reports, do I count???

    edited due to spaccer spelling
  11. I have photographic evidence....It sure as phuck isn't going on here... (Though the one with Michelle Marsh may do).

    Yes - he did say I was the most boring person in the world. It was a bit like that scene in 'Airplane' were Ted Striker (or whatever his name was) sits next to people and tells them his life story. They all either hang themselves, commit 'hara kari' or douse themselves in petrol.....
  12. Get on this........

    Pete Price Prank Calls

    His show has been ruined by prank callers over the last few weeks - All calling up trying to get the phrase 'Tastes Like Chicken' into their calls. Don't ask why...... I've no idea........
  13. I'm on first name terms with the Secretary of State for NI!
    Does that count?
  14. Good on the Blues.

    I had a chat with AA Gill and J Clarkson when they were in our lines in BAS.

    I also smacked Vic Reeves' little girl in the head with a pan in the High street years ago. It was an accident and he started bolloking her for getting in my way.
  15. Was it one of those big mad comedy pans he used to twwat Bob Mortimer with.....??