Celebrity mothers

Reading, as you do, some of the news this week I couldn't help starting to worry (well not that much).

As has been recently confirmed the Welsh Warbler, Charlotte Church, is now pregnant. I am sure the tabloids and other gutter press, esp the womens weeklies, are now gearing up to a mammoth hunt of this star.

And soon her first maternity dress, baby clothes and other niff naff and trivia associated with a little one will be photoed and shown to the world for htem to coo o ver.

Or not.

Already there are a disappointing number of "discussions" invited, including those with titles such as "will she make a good mother", "is she ready for motherhood". It seems the prowling pack has noticed a prey who is now not so robust, and will soon be ripe for attack.

Is it not about time a press watchdog, either a new one or an existing one, started enforceing certain codes of practice against the predatorial snappers who just want scandal?

Yes, the celebrity lives by that very thing they hate (in some cases) publicity. But the child didn't embark on this path, so should they be hounded, and every mistake made by their parents be broadcast?

Just a thought for food.

PS. My opinion on whether she is ready, rides purely on how the public suspected she was pregnant in the first place... a girl almost as renowned for her drinking prowess and wild parties as her singing, stayed on the soft stuff on her birthday because she was pregnant. A good start surely.

And surely no-one is ready for parenthood, until it is upon them.

(C_F waits patiently, but with malace glee, for first paparazi snooper hospitalised by a hard tackle from Churches "scrum" half)
You could say that this whole boring affair will not affect you but even the beeb have decided to fill out their so-called news bulletins with such tittle tattle.

It will no doubt sell copies of the female mags like OK and Hello and the SCUM will no doubt get involved probably claiming that is was thanks to them she's actually up the duff.

Personally I don't give a fcuk, the TV remote has a mute button and the only way it might possibly impinge on my life is if I'm sat in a dentist's waiting room and having read all the Caravanning Monthly's on offer, I pick a copy of Hello or OK and try and relieve the boredom.