Celebrity Mastermind

Just watched tonights edition of this excellent programe

Apprentice wannabe Seira Khan shown up twice,

John Humphreys "So you were in the first Apprentice ?"

Khan " Yes"

Humphreys "But you didn't win"

Khan Looong pause "No" followed by skunk eye towards the presenter

1st General Knowledge question to this so called business woman

Humphreys "What does P A Y E stand for ?"

Khan " erm Pay and.........."

There were 2 episodes of this shown tonight.

It was good to see Nigel Planer win in the first episode wth a score of 31 (I think?).

But what was even better was that, in the second episode shown, Michael-Something of the night about him-Howard was in last place after the first round. He remained in (joint?) last place with a final score of 17. But the winner, who was in the lead after the first round, and won with a score of 29, was Beverley Knight! :D :clap: :excited:

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