Celebrity Hotel Deaths

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Moving on from Hector Chavez V's "Why do hotels make you horny?"

    Why do famous people die in hotels?

    Whitney Houston has decided to pop her clogs in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles.

    Coco Chanel went in the style at the Ritz in Paris

    David Carradine went in a rather unstylish way at the Nai Lert Park Hotel, Bangkok
    Mind you Michael Hutchins did it first at the Ritz-Carlton in Sydney.

    Janis Joplin jacked it up in room 100 of the Lendmark hotel in Hollywood.

    John Entwistle of "The Who" fame was found dead (after the room was sterilised allegedly) in the Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas.

    I also was going to mention Nancy Spungen who was stabbed by persons unknown at Hotel Chelsea, New York.

    So if you are famous would you rather not stay at home, rather than being found by the Hotel Maid?
  2. They're used to someone else cleaning up their shit I suppose.

    Mind you didn't Eric Claptons son take his first and last flying lesson from a hotel?
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  3. Why do famous people die in hotels? Daft question really.....probably because they are always moving around playing to the saps that hero worship them.
  4. Maybe they just don't like to wank on drugs with oranges in their mouths in familiar surroundings.

    There maybe more to this than you think.

  5. Perhaps hotels as suicides often try to ensure that their body will not be found by a family member.

    Little Conor Clapton did not fall out of a hotel window, he fell out of the window of the apartment of a family friend. The accident resulted in New York City passing a law that approved bars must be in the windows of any apartment where a child under 10 years of age lives. At the time many people in New York City referred to the things as Clapton Bars,
  6. Well if your an IMF senior member you wouldn't really care what the maid thinks...
  7. Yokozuna (WWF/Sumo wrestler) died in the Adelphi in Liverpool of a pulmonary edema at the weight of 310kg (48 st 11lb).
  8. Did they get the Fire Brigade in?
  9. I assume they'd have to! I can't see a couple of paramedics getting that weight on one of those little trolleys out of an ambulance.
  10. Sunray Minor, Which location would you choose to be murdered in?
  11. The Bellagio is the ultimate Las Vegas hotel to be murdered in I would say.
  12. This is easier.

    merc tilt.jpg
  13. Watch out S_M, I think he's moved you to the top of his Internet Revenge List;