Celebrity Death List 2009

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mmm-babies-heads, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Following on from the 'Teen Sweepstake' I thought this may appeal to many readers. I know it's nearly 2009 now but put it in your Favourites for next year and fill with glee at the demise of the Rich, Famous and Infamous.
    I've searched but failed to find this Topic/Site anywhere yet.


    The DeathList 2008
    DeathList is a carefully selected list of 50 celebrities chosen by the DeathList Committee before the start of each calendar year for their likelihood to die during that year. Candidates must have be famous in their own right such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media. Candidates are not eligible if their only claim to fame is their imminent demise and no more than 25 celebrities that appeared on the previous year’s list can be selected. With those rules in mind, DeathList 2008 has been drawn up and is presented below. 2007 was a disappointing year with ten successes so we will be looking to the 2008 list to give a better showing.

    I'm outraged that Clive Dunne is a 'Death List Favourite' He made that no1 Record Grandad and was an Excellent JNCO in Dads Army
  2. brilliant :D :D :D
  3. Barack Obama for the 2009 list.
  4. I won't miss Pete Doherty in 2009.
  5. I hope I'm never on there!
  6. I'm also slightly outraged that Russell Watson opera singing person has been cheaply nominated. It's also bumped this for discerning people.

    By the way copper dagger, I have formed a bit of sex wee at your Avatar. Superb is an understatement.
  7. Have this one with lyrics:

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  8. Again.. Superb! One of my favourite quotes!
    Who but a bore could tire of the ultimate flick. (matter of taste of course)

    To stick with the thread, I'm sure if you go through the 'successes' you would be surprised to see who has expired over the years that you didn't know about!
  9. Ben Elton, quickly followed by Alexi Sayle and jo Brand.Forgot Togswig and that twat who wears jerseys. Brandreth. And that nine-fingered get, who died, thank you humanity, quick ten-fingered clap there. Why do unfunny people dominate tv? Who......gives a Fry?
  10. Seriously , to prove the tenuous life of journalists, our man who got popped on a landmine a few years ago....he was good to listen to. Not a total liar, not a total
    fighter. What the hell?I seem to remember that his name was Sandy. Sudan? Yes, I know. Like C. Europe, only time.
  11. Running books? My Mladic book is going gold.....
  12. Why don't you try putting the bottle down and posting something coherent, you fucking idiot.
  13. Scorfula... cause of death alcohol poisoning or choking on his virtual verbal diaroeha.
    Amy Whineshouse should be worth a few quid at the tote.
  15. But this is what happened.........