Celebrity Big Brother - Help for Heroes betting book


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That totally fcuking useless program Celebrity Big brother is on. That totally fcuking useless slapper Sally Bercow is unfortunately one of the 'Z' list celebrities on it. Now I loathe her with a passion and would pay money to see her humiliated; so in the event of anyone posting a link to a mainstream UK newspaper showing her:

(a) Getting so pissed she publicly throws up, falls in the swimming pool, etc - I will donate £25 to Help for Heroes

(b) Annoying other house mates so much they chuck food/drink , etc, over her - I will donate £25 to Help for Heroes

(b) Managing to 'accidentally' flash part of a nipple - I will donate £50 to Help for Heroes.

In the event of the munter not managing to publicly embarrass herself, £25 consolation prize goes to Help for Heroes.

Anyone else care to join in the betting book - which is of course not restricted to Sally Berk/Cow.

I'll put fifty quid in the pot if Michael Barrymore is introduced into the house and Jedward are found floating in the pool with arses like a crate of burst tomatoes.
I Will donate £50 if Miss BeerCow gets her box serviced while in the hostel. Another £50 if it appears on the t'internet

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