Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Well....just broken from the mindless drivel that is CBB07.....

    All i want to know is where can i put money on the old boy (ken russell) croking it before the end of the series, he seriously looks like he's ready to keel over?

    as for the others no comment!!!
  2. You do realise it's an unwritten rule we never discuss this program on Arrse?

    If you must, poke off to the knitting circle AKA Rear Party. It's the sort of thing those odd females love discussing.
  3. Can't believe this fcuking shit is back on the box for all those sad bstards to watch!
  4. Get a fcuking grip of yourself, you fcuking goon. Are you a 20 stone fat fishwife in a pink bathrobe, chain eating Mars Bars? If so, fcuk off somewhere else to post your shite. If not, award yourself a kicking in the nearest room, you fcuknuts.

    No Big Brother....
  5. point taken
  6. Big Brother in all its forms is always on BFBS!

    Quite popular amongst the Toms or so I heard?

  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    No No No and fcuking No!!!!

    Not inthe NAAFI, Not on my Nobend will Big Brother be stomached in here, unless its to watch Jermaine Jackson try and flare his nostril wider than that faggots ring piece.

    Stop it
  8. The Bollywood bird, that tart from SClub and Davina McCall would all get a slice of my idea of Big Brother. Tito Jackson believes his pervie brother didnt do anything to those kids. Of course not and Elvis lives and eats only Slimfast
  9. just when a small tactical nuclear explosion is required!

    anyone got the number for the Iranian Military attache??

    shock headlines,

    H from Steps comes out the closet as GAY

    Id have never of guessed that one!!!
  10. I would chin the blond haired prick, he is giving old Ken Russell
    a hard time. Fcking knob!

    Cleo Rocos is looking good for 50 isn't she?

    Yeah I have been watching it! I don't care! Shoot me!
  11. What's this, the old "My missus made we watch it" routine?!
  12. Oh no... it was voluntary!

    The missus watched some daft DIY programme on UK homes and
    gardens on cable! :D
  13. Just watched BB - why are half the house living in a Service Married Quarter themed house with other half in the usual BB malarky?!