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Celebrity BB - Isnt Shilpa fit?

I know none of you are going to admit you watch celebrity
big brother :oops: But lets just admit that Shilpa is rather gorgeous
and that she shits on our national beauty queen from a great
height despite being 10 years older!

Please don't put this in the arrse hole until we have maxed public
opinion ta!
Furryturd said:
Celebrity? What had she done prior to this tripe to warrant being a "celebrity"?

Just another sad self publicist with minimal talent.
Erm, shes a bollywood film star ....surely more "celeb" than been a one armed heroin addled single mother ?
Why even ask the question, the answer is obvious.

A more interesting question would be how much does she want to get her kecks of in Playboy
She kind of looks like my mates wife. And I said marrying an Indian bird would be a dead loss.

As for celebrity she is worshipped by 1 billion Indians in every film she stars in. Kind of puts little Leo Sayer in perspective doesn't it?
I have got a real thing for Asian birds at the mo. Where I work there are a few absolute stunners. Imagine a missus like that with the fact that you could have a top rube every night too ! Heaven.

Furryturd, you are an ignorant tw@t aren't you...


Book Reviewer
India has always been famed for its beuatiful women (Michael Caine's missus - ex-Miss World?) and is the home of the Kama Sutra after all :)

Do an image search on the Temple of Khajuraho (some of those carvings showed me a thing or two) as it shows that there was cracking totty there many hundreds of years ago.

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