Celebrity BB Cluedo

Obvious really......



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I get it!!!

Micheal Barrymore realised he is a dildo and has drowned himself in the pool.
Could be that barrymore was the offender with the dildo in the swimming pool


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No he just put his fag out in the pool beforehand. OOOPPS did I just say that!!!!
Michael Barrymore's come-back bid has faltered. He had agreed to play the lead in a charity pantomome benefit for paranoid, schizophrenic homophobes. Unfortunately it all went to ratchet when someone shouted out "He's behind you..."
Maybe 'Del-Boy' Barrymore can shed some light.......


txt joke:

Big Brother house has asked Michael Barrymore
"can you please use the ash trays and not throw
your used fags in the pool".

I didnt think it funny either !

Good one with the Cludo. lol lmfao :D

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