Celebrity Ambitions

Here are some of the ambitions of celebrities from when they were kids:

Gary Glitter: wanted to live in a big house and have loads of kids

John Lennon: wanted to take a shot in the music world

Jeremy Beadle: wanted to have a small hand in the tv business

Anna Nicole Smith: wanted to be drop dead gorgeous

Michelle McManus: wanted to be massive in the pop industry

Eric Cantona: wanted to play football and leave a big impression on fans

Michael Barrymore: wanted his mates to make a big splash

Bill Gates: wanted something to go down on him every ten minutes

Eric Clapton: looked forward to watching the kids drop off

Hugh Grant: wanted to make it big in Hollywood

Kurt Cobain: wanted to stop working after he was 27

Phil Spector: wanted to be a big shot in the music world

Princess Diana: wanted to marry a prince and hit Paris
blue_sophist said:
Gord'n Brooon ... wanted to be a Great and Revered Leeeederr.
FFS - not even he is so fcuking stupid as to think there is/was even a remote chance of that ever happening. He certainly knew that he stood no chance of becoming an 'elected' leader.

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