Celebrities who Support the Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. With the sad passing last week of Cyril Charles Henty-Dodd @ The Duke of Lanchester, at the relatively young age of 74, I feel we are losing the support we in the Corps so readily enjoyed in past times from famous celebrities.

    Cyril, when he wasn't larking about with Leslie Phillips in Carry on Cruising, almost single handedly kept 90 Security Section, as was, in business throughout the 1980s with all his letters of support, so carefully drafted on that nice shiny Government paper. His concern for the environment was such that he would never consider using new sheets of paper when those that had been used would serve him quite adequately. How we looked forward to these little gems of wisdom, so carefully drafted from his little pied-a-terre in Mortlake (fairly close to the cemetery).

    I fear with the advent of the laptop that we shall all soon forget how to write illegibly ever again !
  2. The depth of creative and artistic skill found within the Intelligence Corps continues to amaze me!

    A number of troupers and DS @ LSS will be touched by your reference to "Carry on Cruising".

    Is this episode a particular favourite of yours HS, or are you a fan of the entire Genre ?

    (Posted from my crackberry)
  3. What the hell is this all about? :?

    Highlander Spy appears to have spent too much time in the local whisky distillery tasting room; and Ad Astra...well he's just being his usual charming and erudite self I suppose.

    Anyone got any better guesses?
  4. Wellll, I think H-S is on about an Int Nuisance he encountered whilst in 90 Sy Sect (that's Ninety by the way, not Hounslow Nine Oh) and Ad Astra is an Int Nuisance (a bit like impetigo, obvious to all and you don't want anything to do with it).
  5. I think Mr Henty-Dodd was an early proponent of the tin foil hat (possibly even a founder member of the tin foil hat brigade). He was also on 92 Sy Sect's book as an Int Nuisance as well, although I believe he was a very well mannered and polite one.

    I suspect some of his ideas may have been the result of overly enthusiastic use of recreational chemicals, or reading too much L Ron Hubbard science fiction...

    Hey ho...


  6. Sadly, I cannot dredge the name from the mire of past events, but I recall fondly the levity that a certain Nuisance from Andersonstown would provide with her regular outpourings of gibberish!

    One particular thread revolved around the constant helicopter activity that was above her home, sending messages to her TV. Happy Days!

    Perhaps it was Adastra? Or CR?
  7. You mean she was constantly bombarded by a 1970's show about American teenage angst set in the 1950's? Now thats what I CALL PSYOPS!
  8. As always MV got the gist of the message straight away and is perfectly correct in his analysis. For those of you too young to remember who the person in question was, under his well known, but sadly not his real name, I'll give you a clue ! Before he went off his rocker quite literally, he was a famous, nay indeed, very famous DJ, radio and TV presenter during the 1960s.

    And yes, some of us can remember the 60s and are still alive !

    Rodney2q - Yes he was also polite sometimes and could even fool such dignatories as the Chief who sat in the Centre Block of the Duke of Yorks Headquarters in Chelsea before they moved. (Hence the Duke of Lanchester sobrique)
  9. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  10. The sports car, the wind blown blond hair....................................
  11. If your talking about MV, forget the blonde hair now.
  12. Nah........... unless he shopped in Carnaby St or was part of the hipsters and floral pointed collars on the Kings Road :D
  13. My bold - it should have been of course 'Doctor in Trouble'

    As a former RAF photo recce chappie, I though that this gent may well have been on your 'old & bold' list?
  14. Oi, you fuckers, I had it all.........all of it, but never thought the establishment were out to get me, because I was already in it. :roll:
  15. Surely its "Tea Time" :!: :!: :!: