Celebrities In The Israeli Army

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by mora, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Are celebrity soldiers equal?

    Israeli teen pop star joins army, but fellow recruits claim she gets special treatment


  2. Are you actually ever going to post an opinion on Arrse, or are you just a press officer from the IDF?
  3. If this is the sort of press releases he is giving why are you complaining?
  4. Lighten up guys, if that's Mora's bag so be it. You can always just ignore her posts, or do as I do and make a cunning innuendo.

    With reference to the young lady:

    She can conscript me any time.
  5. that girl is cute
  6. Does special treatment mean that Support Company have had their raffle tickets confiscated and are not allowed anywhere near her?
  7. Helloooooooooooooo Nurse! :D

    She can drape herself on my smoothbore anyday!

    Any publicity shots of her on PT? 8O
  8. What do you mean? What's cunning innuendo? My English sacks. :oops:
  9. Look mora cough up the inevitable PT publicity shots or I will have to log out and look for some porn on the net! :D 8O

    chop chop theres a good girl :roll:
  10. I dunno what the problem is I have always showered alone, once every 6 months, if i needed it or not!!! and I got 'speshal treetment'

  11. there you are!


    British troops from 2 Platoon 1 Parachute Regiment, part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, take a break from patrolling the front line near Basra to cool down and freshen up by means of an improvised shower unit in Iraq April 7, 2003. British troops guarded by tanks and helicopter gunships walked unopposed into the centre of the city Basra on Monday, meeting a warm reception in the narrow streets of the old quarter. Photo by Giles Penfold


    Was there any conscripted Celebrity in British or American army on recent years?
  12. Plenty of footballers in the 50/60's mentions a bit about them a book about national service..........good read if you can pick it up some things havent changed a bit :D
  13. Certainly no cute celebs in the Brit Armed forces of late, appart from a couple of page 3 girls who i can't remember the names of, who were not that pretty or stunning as the cute things in the Isreali Mil
  14. I don't suppose the IDF are recruiting from UK Mora? These army girls look nice even when I'm sober!