Celebrities - bone em, bury em - all threads here please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arkanstigger, Oct 24, 2003.

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  1. After 'accidentally' watching the above programme I have become traumatised. Have I been mispronouncing the world 'cache' in every breifing I've ever done :oops: ?

    Kash or Kaysh :?:
  2. Kash 8) ..Looks like he's turned into a posh southerner on top of it all -must be all that Caysh he has nowadays :wink:
  3. Hunting Chris Ryan, Why ? We should leave him out there, we would be better off....
  4. Well, I reckon he wants to have his cache and eat it! (Stick a 'c' in front of 'ache' and waddya get?)
  5. Top bonus though, he did make the yanks (and the fat marine) look like complete cnuts :D

    What do you reckon he got for that, 50, 60, 70K? Fcuk me, I'd have just stayed put and slept in the swamp for 3 days for that :D

    Just to reiterate, he did make the yanks look like big girly whinging amateur cnuts :D :D
  6. A swamp like 'Birmingham?' :D
  7. ........and we're not talking Birmingham Alabama here. We're talking about Shitsville, West Midlands, population .......lots of people and a very dull TA Lance Jack ewho thinks he's a cross between Rommel and Mother Theresa.

    BIRMINGHAM.............what a God awful place to come from.
  8. Chris Ryan is currently hiding in the bush in my back garden. Any suggestions on how to get him out of there? I've tried bleach and a bucket of scolding hot water, but he won't budge. Keeps whispering 'their looking for me'.
  9. Tell him that there are no film crews or cameramen withing 100 miles, he will lose interest and clear off :D (Just tell him I said that when I'm on holiday and out of fighting distance)

    To be fair, I have to agree with ORG although it was staged, he did make the Seal puff and the fat marine look like a team of boy scouts.

    Credit to him for his exploits on Granby, one hell of an E & E even if the story is exaggerated.
  10. Invite MDN over to bore him to death with puffy tales of the AAC.
  11. After feeding him a septic Marine.

    If his postition isn't given away by faggoty songs about 'Not knowing but being told' etc etc

    Now be silent you big arsed, wideload assed, root beer and sasperelly drinking, troop murdering,poncey petrol :mrgreen:
  12. Considering it's coming from a pink shirted, pearl necklace wearing, gay bath house attendant, I'll let it slide. :D
  13. Chris is now crying. He said he's torn his smock, and said he's had enough, and now wants to go home. I'm phoning him a taxi. Do you think I should give him a cup of hot chocolate before he goes?
  14. Lets be fair, the thin yank team leader sussed him out when he put the false leg in by the river but went along with the group decison. He was perhaps less of a cnut than the rest of the team were at that point.

    Having said that one fat copper with a GSD and it would have been good night Chris!!

  15. Hmmm - Chris Ryan: The one that ran away?