Celebrating July 4th


Last year I decided that it was entirely appropriate to celebrate this historical day by wearing a union flag t-shirt around town (the British version, not the rebel southerners’ version). Whilst most of the locals looked at me as if I was stark raving mad, a few laughed, quite a few bought me drinks :D for having the courage to wear such a t-shirt, and lots of chicks wanted to hear my ‘cute’ accent :D .

I feel the need to do a repeat performance this year. For those locals who might be disgusted that I should wear such a flag with pride this year my discussion points include:

The original colonists were social misfits, often ultra-religious. It was only the later colonists that were business orientated. All colonists had to go to church every day to be lectured by their minister and colonial governor where dissention was not approved of (so not much change there then). It then took them 200 years to learn to stand up for themselves.

They only got independence with the help of the cheese eating surrender monkeys blockading a port.

They have forgotten most of the lessons they learnt from guerilla warfare.

If the British army of the era was so poor why do they have celebrate an ex-British Militia Colonel on the dollar bill? (Washington).

Of course they won independence, they were mostly retired british army soldiers fighting mostly mercenaries.

They started the whole fight over taxation without representation and still have it now – you vote for a member of the electoral college to vote for the president on your behalf.

You shouldn’t drink Samuel Adams beer, after all if he thought you could make tea by chucking boxes of it in Boston harbor, how does he think you make beer?

Have I missed out any other important historical facts? By wearing a t-shirt am I dropping my dress standards too far and I should dress more like John Bull with a union flag waistcoat and carry a cane to cuff the ‘rebels’ with.
You could also point out to them than the tax on tea actually dropped before the Boston Tea Party. They weren't patriots, they were smugglers protecting their profits :roll: . Somethings about America never change.
Yeah! And the QM2 is currently anchored off Newport Rhode Island, ostensibly to participate in the 4th of July celebrations (Cunard donated $10,000 towards the fireworks display), but I think it's to evacuate the last of the Brits!

Happy 4th America.
And down in Gosport, we have the USS Enterprise parked in the Solent, with 5,000 yank sailors on the piss down Pompey. Lock up your daughters.....no better make that your sons and pets :wink:
You could also point out that what really upset the settlers was not only the taxation question (their tax being a fraction of taxes in Britain) but the Governments unwillingness to renege on treaties with the Indians and allow unlimited land-grabbing.
There's also the fact that the first serious anti-slavery debates began in the 1770's.

Finally it cost £30million (in the 18thC) to protect the ungratefull sods from the French and as soon as their asked to repay a bit of the outlay who do they go running to?
When i worked in Florida was asked if we celibrated 4th july in england
? seemed puzzled when said no .
Hopefuly due to the antiamericanism due to the war we will have less
fake commercial celibrations this year .Hey with pompey having the youngest convicted football holigan (playup pompey :lol: ) and shes a girl
i think the crew of the enterprise are no threat to the women of portsmouth
dui-lai said:
And down in Gosport, we have the USS Enterprise parked in the Solent, with 5,000 yank sailors on the urine down Pompey. Lock up your daughters.....no better make that your sons and pets :wink:
And they're frighteningly polite and well-behaved 8O . 5000 Brit Matelots ashore on the piss doesn't bear thinking about :roll: .

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