Celebrating Christmas in The Czech Republic

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Now there was a dilemma.

    Where to post?

    Imagine my eternal joy at being invited for potato salad and a slab, smallish, of Karp. Welcome to Christmas in the Czech Republic. Scots toss pot is bailing out - speaks fluent Czech to everyone but can not bear to be here for Christmas, Nobbyd THE SUPERLATIVE MEDIC better than any SAS bloke is also decamping.

    How can I enliven my mediocre existence over this fun festive period?

    Answers on a post card to Ostrava. Carry on in your own time.
  2. Get pissed and throw yourself under a train?
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  3. Not nice. Have you been jogging recently because rumour has it that you are carrying excess. No probs with catching a plane and helping you to work it off... from behind Sluggie - you.ll be on yer knees but at least you won.t have to move so much.
  4. She is fed up not fucking hard up
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  5. Come on!
    Some Central European spice could liven her up better than the batteries she currently relies on...
  6. You are in the country that gave the world Sylvia Saint, Nikita Denise and Veronica Zemanova, aren't you?

    And also in the country of Pilsner Urquel and Budvar?

    If you can't have fun in Cesky, you should be taking holy orders.
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  7. I'm pregnant, you thick cunt.