Celebrating 70 years of Independent support for the Armed Forces

Forces Pension Society

The Forces Pension Society is now celebrating its 70th birthday. We are a very special not-for-profit organisation. Pensions are our business, and we know more about the Armed Forces Pension schemes than any other provider of independent advice. Because of that we are able to help our Members with their queries about the pensions they receive and the pensions they are likely to receive in the future. The Society is told time and time again that it understands the pension world like no one else, and that the advice it gives is unique – clear, accurate, and confidential.

Because we deal with pensions all the time, we are able to spot cases which have not been dealt with properly, or where the rules are being applied unfairly; and we take these up with the Ministry of Defence. We have successfully lobbied the MoD on a number of issues, sometimes behind-the-scenes and some in public. We were very successful in 2014 in leading the campaign to change the rules about payment of pensions to widows who remarry. We remain constantly watchful and ready to intervene where we see injustice or unfairness.

As well as pension help we offer other services to Members – we have very good and exclusive partnerships with providers of insurance, money transfers, financial advice, travel and other services. These arrangements have been negotiated with our providers to meet the needs of our Members: the partnerships are long-standing and have been endorsed by very positive response over the years. These offers are very popular: we strive constantly to add to them, but we will only do this where we are sure that what we are offering meets our Members’ very high standards.

Our Members also receive our magazine and e-newsletters, both very popular, which offer information on pensions as well as features of more general interest.

All of this is proving very attractive and our membership is growing: last year it grew by about 5,000 and now stands at 45,000. The growth in membership has allowed us to reinvest and grow the services we provide. As we are frequently told: “what a great service. I wish I had found out about the society before; but thank goodness I have done so now.”

As General Secretary, it is such a privilege to head up the Forces Pension Society in the year of its anniversary – we are an organisation that brings certainty and confidence to a perplexing world, and which has proved and will continue to prove helpful to its Members and to the Armed Forces community more widely. Long may we continue to grow.

John Pitt-Brooke
General Secretary
Forces Pension Society

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