Celeb Fame Academy thing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Glesga_short_bloke, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. SugaBabes and Girls Too Loud - "singing" the Aerosmith classic Walk This Way :frustrated:

    I can hear the nails being hammered into the wood.....as they crucify it :threaten:
  2. Was it actually ment to make my ears bleed or was that just a lucky side-effect. I take it commic relief dont need the money from the song this year then?
  3. is there a song also i thought it was just eye candy for the uk's young chav population.
  4. No im afraid they are doing the comic relief single this year, sorry kids looks like you are gonna starve, wonder if it comes with free ear plugs? Red nose ones of course.
  5. Let the hungry starve.....

    Hunger is linked to idleness, if they are too bone idle to nip into the kitchen and knock up a bowl of Jumbalaya let the fcukers go hungry.

    It would put an end to poverty and hunger and we could spend the comic relief money on Monster trucks and jet bikes.

    If a hungry person dies, it can't breed and create another hungry person.. those who show initiative will eat the dead and make things from thier bones... These people will then be able to get a bus to a place which has running water and less flies.

    Its no wonder these people get famished, they all live in the middle of nowhere, no shops, no KFC etc, what did they expect?

    Don't help the hungry, they are bone idle malingering scroungers.
  6. You can teach a man how to fish, charity will give him a rod, he will be selling the rod down the market, piss up the money, starving family again!!
  7. I thought it was Run DMC's song with Aerosmith!
  8. What's all this crap about the money being for starving kids and such bollox.

    I thought it was to go to African warlords and corrupt politicians so they can buy new big flash cars and jets, have lots of pi55 ups and pay for shed loads of big butted whores with rubbery lips.

    Not fcuking happy - I've just invested in a skin transplant, black curly hair, a crate load of AK47s and my nomination for the Umbuuto Gorge Fascist Dictator Barstard Party.
  9. White girls do Run DMC

    Doesn't really work does it
  10. Well i suppose it could have been worse French and Saunders could have done it.
  11. You're only jealous as Dawn French is a few stone lighter than you.
  12. And she is so much better looking and married to Lenny Henry so you might be rite Georgie_berk.
  13. My apologies Scotlass, I meant to say you are a fat, gopping bitch.
  14. appology accepted. Georgie_berk.
  15. I'm starting to like the cut of your jib lassie, you've got spunk.

    Dripping out of every pore.