Celeb contact details needed!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by commzmeanzbombz, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Not quite sure where to post this but here goes:

    I have been tasked with organising sponsorship for a Boxing event next year.

    I am going to approach local businesses and MOD companies to try and drum up some support but in order to increase the profile of the event im going to invite some celebs who have supported the Army and Help for heroes in the past.

    This is my list so far:

    Kelly Holmes
    Vinnie Jones
    Audley Harrison
    Top Gear presenters
    Ross Kemp
    Kathryn Jenkins
    Ray Mears
    Bear Ghrylls
    Jim Davidson
    Matt Dawson
    Lawrence Dallalio
    Ainsley Harriot
    Andy McNab
    David Beckham
    Gary Rhodes
    James Blunt
    Martin Johnson
    Michael Caine
    Sharon Osbourne
    Simon Cowell
    Soccer AM presenters

    I am aware that they will probably ignore my invite but you never know one or two might say yes.

    My question is: How the hell do I contact them? Does anyone know of a celeb agent website who will pass invites on to them?

    Also, do any of you ARRSErs know of any celeb types who have supported events that you have run in the past?

    Cheers, Dave
  2. nope mate cant help...im available though :L
  3. There's a luvvies directory called (I think) Spotlight which lists agents.

    You could also try Yellow Pages for Theatrical Agents, or even theatre groups like Stoll Moss and the Really Useful group.
  4. If all else fails I might give you a shout Mate! Do you look like anyone famous?
  5. try contacting help 4 heroes direct. they might be able to point in the right direction also try the other forces charities ie ssafa, abf,
  6. H4H will not give out contact details of celebrities, even if they have them, as it is personal information, not for public distribution. I suspect the other charities operate in a similar manner, but contacting agents / media houses they work for is a good idea. There are various H4H boxing events listed here, so you might want to contact some of the organisers and see if they have contacts.

  7. im adaptable...one minute im beyonce, the next im david beckham. Just p.m me if your stuck. :D
  8. You'll probably have to google each name. From that you'll be able to find deatails of their agent (or a contact e-address via official site). Then you will need to make a convincing pitch via phone e-mail or snail mail. The important thing to remember is that they will be getting loads of requests from good causes so you'll need to make yours stand out.
  9. PM Pararegtom for details on some of the Eastenders people, but I think they are involved with the cricket matches next year. If you manage to get hold of Phill Jupitus, can you ask him for photos of himself and the ARRSE Challenge Coin he was kindly donated on Tuesday? Thanking you tar,

    Sluggy xxx