Celeb chefs...knob or not?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Cuddles, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Big timing cabbage mechanics of no value to society

  2. Masters of their profession, true craftsmen

  1. These days chefs seem to be almost like pop stars. Jamie here, Gordon there. Obviously unlike the average X factor output in our pop charts, these boys have paid their dues in a series of progressively better jobs until the blossomed into big name brands.

    However what are they like as people, once the camera stops rolling?

    Gordon Ramsey is one of the most controversial and his foul-mouthed public persona is used to denigrate his undoubted cooking skills and business acumen. Well, in my personal experience he is a very nice straight up guy. He cooked a meal for TFB and I at Petrus, when it was still on St James Street. In one of his breaks he was loitering near the door, where TFB was smoking a tab.

    He made sure she and her mate got lights et cetera and stopped to chat and asked insightful questions, our answers to which you felt he was cataloguing for later refinement of his "brand".

    He came over to the table later and had a quick chat again and was a thoroughly decent bloke.

    Over the past years he has got bigger and better and his books, programmes et cetera are the most useful for aspiring cooks. He recently cooked for a friend of mine and said he would send him an autographed copy of his latest tome to illustrate a cooking technique. Steve was gob-smacked when not only did the book appear, there was a note further explaining the cooking technique he had been interested. No charge.

    He is also pro-forces and has raised money for services charities with his marathon running. My verdict is Ramsey - sound lad.

    Anymore for anymore or any disputing big G's culinary saintliness?
  2. having trained as a chef in the long past mists of time, duty cook at the last supper was not a good gig, i find most cookery programs pump...however i do find Gordon Jamie and not forgetting mr river cottage Hugh's programs entertaining at most while jamie at times seems to be in need of a STFU when he gets all excited they all skilled artisans.

    Also they all have tried to show the link between good eating and good food is more than just sustance.

    Did also enjoy watching Gordon on woodbury recently brought back a few memoirs of the tunnels and the tics...
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Need a most of the time option on there, they do go on but at least its not about global warming whilst jetting around in their own 737s like certain septic fillum stars. HFW for me is great fun and Ramsay whilst being a PW and self publicist at least brings the high and mighty down a peg or two!
  4. I like Ramsay for the reasons Cuddles states. However,I think those "Hell's Kitchen" programs are pure sh*te,basically "Big Brother" with cooking (which I'm sure is what it's supposed to be!)

    Have enjoyed "Kitchen Nightmares",he always comes across as a good egg,and very professional,because no matter how much of a nugget the restaurant owner is being towards Ramsay and his ideas to turn their business around,he keeps plugging away.

    He could definitely have a second career as a PTI (if he grew a 'tash).
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    3 times round my beautiful hotplate GO!
  6. Clarissa Dickson-Wright should not be forgotten. Her game recipes in particular are excellent; she is a passionate supporter of country sports, and turned down an invitation to cook at 10 Downing Street because she disliked Bliar so much.
  7. I didn't know that; that's a good start to the day for me then. I thought that the programme that she did with Johnny Scott was terrific
  8. Mrs Fox and myself have been to 2 of big Gordies restaurants recently, Gordon Ramsay at Claridges and Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road.

    Claridges was alright but very impersonal, quite a dingy atmosphere as well. 7 course meal, each course small and not great.
    Hospital Road was excellent, QA cocktail party at the Hospital, a couple of beers with the in-pensioners then a wander up the road for our reservation. Small, bright restaurant and very friendly staff. 3 course meal with a free extra course inbetween each one! At the end of the meal we were given a 'tree' thing with little round posh chocolate things on each branch to have with our coffee and as we left the manager gave Mrs Fox a fair sized box of the chocs inside a velvety bag with Gordon Ramsays signature discreetly embroided on it.

    The staff knew their stuff and were very chatty but not annoyingly at your side every 2 minutes. There are only 12 tables and only 3 of those were occupied. An offer to have a look at the kitchen and a taxi waiting for us as when we were ready to leave.

    Totally recommend the on one the Royal Hospital Road (£1 from each bill used to go to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, not sure if it still does) if you have a spare £100 or so, but book well in advance.

    Just as a side note, when you ring to make a reservation at any of Ramsays places, regardless of the restaurant that you ring your call is actually answered at a central reservation office, if they cannot book you in at the restaurant that youd like they will offer you a reservation at a nearby one (if in London). They take a fair bit of info about you and if you do ring again in the future they chat as if they know you well.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Very strong rumours in the sporting field that this particular program finished her media career at the Beeb. Nothing like taxpayers money being spent impartially by the Guardian reading tofu munchers is there? That said I would refuse to meet and ass kiss any politician at the moment. I worked really quite hard to get a freight terminal open in the midlands and was ordered to meet and greet 2 jags. Needless to say they were soon disabused of this idea and I was allowed to carry on working as before.
  10. I think most of the celeb chefs are wasters, especially the ones who do things like 'Ready Steady Cook' and 'Cant Cook Wont Cook'. Jamie Oliver has ruined school dinners and his 'cor blimey' accent has returned to its actual posh bloke one.
  11. I suspect that the lefties at the Broon Broadcasting Corporation dislike her refusal to compromise on matters of principle and her intellectual ability to dismiss their politically correct arguments.

    Her autobiography is a cracking read, and a lesson in triumph over adversity.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I quite like 'The Hairy Bikers' brand of cooking show,down to earth & not poncy,the new Kieth Floyd's if you will. Floyd himself was very good in his day & he does'nt forget his Army roots either.not afraid to have a bevvy or two & make a fool of himself.
    As for Gary Rhodes,well his arrogance came out during the recent 'Rhodes around India'. UKTV Food website was innundated with complaints about his arrogant behaviour.I mean imagine telling a 3 star Indian Chef who's been cooking for over 20 odd years how to cook a Indian Curry! I myself watched the first two episodes & then did'nt anymore he was so offputting to the viewer.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Rhodes has always been a tit!
  14. Rhodes has always had a knack for turning classic dishes into cold, featureless sculptures. Technical prowess he has in abundance, but he seems more interested in showing off this side of his cooking than he does trying to sell the dish.

    Most TV chefs are more than capable craftsmen, otherwise they would never have risen to fame in the first place. It's unfortunate, however, that most of these chefs try to create a selling point and focus on that, instead of by simply producing inspiring dishes. Gordon's swearing and Jamie's 'street-cred' (he thinks so anyway) smack of attention seeking more than a genuine insight to their characters.
  15. Kith Floyd was an alcoholic twunt but when he had his place (one of his places?) in Clifton, he actively encouraged our Battery officers to come in and drink. Mainly by buying every other round, which is apparently his business model - which explains why he keeps going bust!