Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. What do you wear?
  2. I just dumped the Chest rig and now use the Assault vest, I must admit I did use the Chest Rig for a very long time, and it did give awesome support when firing from the standing and kneeling positions on the ranges.
  3. PLCE webbing all the way. I've got an assault vest as well, but I only ever where it when doing Urban stuff, and then sometimes I still use webbing. If i've got any running, jumping crawling etc then it's PLCE all the way.

    T C
  4. PLCE for foot patrols, assault vest for mobility/FIBUA.
  5. Assault vest for me, much easer for moving and working around vehicles as well as carrying out the day to day job.
  6. Anyone tried any of this "customised" webbing?

    i.e. all pouches together sewn on a hippo pad?

    any good makes?
  7. webbing all the way! i also have a modified chest rig for FIBUA/CQB and vehicle uses.
  8. In my previous life, I wore a chest rig on an almost daily basis, mainly because I didn't need to carry much and the majority of my work was out of 'Rovers. It carries everything that webbing should (bullets, bombs, water and food). Not much good for work 'on the belt buckle' though.

    Urban/vehicle work - chest rig.

    Rural/tabbing - belt rig.
  9. Webbing 80% of the time , I do have a chest rig for specific tasks in rovers etc .
    I jsut think assault vests or whatever they are called are a bit of a fashion item .
    Webbing can be used for most jobs , and you can get on your belt buckle at any
    time .
    With PLCE webbing you have to spend a bit of time on it to get it right , you can
    tell so much about a soldier by his webbing . Its funny seeing knobbers with more
    pouches than the chippendales on their webbing usually full of crap and pairs of
    socks to make them look ''ally''.
  10. Take it you're not a fan of this then? I carry some stuff that isnt really neccesary like my goretex and yes, socks (for a cheeky 'tommy tank', of course).

    What do most go with?

    Just the minimum, e.g water and ammo?
    Or ready to mount sustained and unsupported guerilla operations with just belt kit?

    I suppose everyone has a different idea of what they think they will use and how much weight they will carry...
  11. What you carry is always dependant on the environment your in and your job requirements. I was taught in basic (and still use it as a rule of thumb) that you should only carry what you can eat, drink or use to kill with and that you should be able live off your belt kit / assault vest / chest rig for 24 hours. This method kept me happy when one time the exercise I was on had an E & E element thrown in and we had our bergans taken off us. No one else had any food with them or a dry pair of socks to change into.
  12. Ive got minimal pouches on the webbing but a huge daysac so still carry the same crap just in diffrent places :)
  13. PLCE webiing 99.9% of the time +uber ddaysack
    assault vest for urban+mobile work
    very very very very rarely chest rig if the job needs it
  14. assault vests are a bit gucci, too gucci for me, so its belt kit most of the time!
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