CeFA & CeMAP Courses - Scotland Area?

I am looking to do both of these course's as part of my resettlement, does anyone know if there are any companies in Scotland that can provide this training or will I have to look Southbound!

I have seen a couple of London based firms offering the fast track 20 days for both for approx £1500. Does this include accn or can that be claimed back through the resettlement package/ELC ect.

Any advice, hot tips gratefully received.

Ewan - although I can't comment onthe courses you've asked about, you may not be aware that your CeFA will only last you until 31st December 2012, after which time you have to have DipFA or DipPFS as a minimum to practice as an IFA. The DipFA usually takes around 9 months to complete and 300-400hrs study. Very few firms will take on newby qualified anyway, especially if they are not on the way to Dip status by the beginnin of 2012.
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