Ceasefire march in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. How about a simple "Blair Out" march? That would attrct millions!


  2. I wonder if the same thing is happening in Iran or Syria?
  3. Why don't they personally hand deliver their petition to Hezbollah?
  4. The march organisers are asking marchers to leave childrens' shoes at the Cenotaph. Amazing how these people always find a way in even the best cause to besmirch Britain's war dead. How about dropping the Clarks' outside the Iranian and the Israeli embassies instead?
  5. LiArBOUR OUT MARCH!!! I will be there!
  6. I thought that the 'Stop the War Coalition' was a coalition formed to stop the war in Iraq? Since when did they extend their remit to cover Israel and the Lebanon?

    If I didn't know better, I'd suspect their motive was more to embarrass the government by jumping on whatever bandwagon was passing through than it was to spread peace and love around the world.
  7. Why is leaving shoes at the cenotaph not a political gesture, yet reading out the names of recent British war dead is, resulting in arrest?
  8. To be fair to them, nothing on their website mentions using the Cenotaph.
  9. awol:

    Then why does the BBC report that the stoppers want people to leave kiddies' shoes etc?

    "A march involving thousands of people is under way in central London calling for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon.

    The Stop The War Coalition asked people at the demonstration to put children's shoes at the Cenotaph in protest at the deaths of children in the conflict.

    The protest followed growing Muslim unease at how Prime Minister Tony Blair was dealing with the crisis.

    Campaigner Bianca Jagger said she backed the march's aims but not the anti-Israel views of some protesters.

    March organisers said more than 100,000 people had attended the event, but police put the figure at about 20,000. "

  10. also, if they aknowledge that the war is in fact a global one, arnt they also aknowledging that it cant be solved by the british government and infact they should be protesting against the governments of iran and syria, hezbollah, hamas, al-quida and the taleban

    you cant have a one sided war.
  11. Surely they should be leaving flip flops and not shoes ? Anyway Tony won't be there he will be at chequers
  12. If they all start leaving shoes can they get done for littering?

    T C
  13. It gets worse. From Yahoo News (my bold)...

    Cabs... I hadn't seen the BBC report about the Cenotaph being defiled by the marchers, and anyway I didn't believe that any political movement would do anything so crass or self-defeating.

    My mistake.

  14. oh my god, could it actually be that the palastinian way of teaching hatred of isreal to children has arrived here in great britain!?

    are we to have posters of martyrs in schools now :evil: