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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rubicon, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Sorry if this has been put out before but..

    Has anyone seen the CEA survey that is doing the rounds on DII? It’s been sent to everyone who receives CEA plus an additional 13,500 who have similar circumstances. I have never seen a nastier and more insidious piece of work and am frankly applied that the MOD would stoop so low as to ask those sorts of questions.

    AFF have issued the following email:

    "All 5,500 serving personnel currently claiming CEA and 13,500 personnel matching similar criteria, will today, have received a survey on Dii (or will have received a postcard asking them to follow a link to the survey).

    The survey is being used to feed into a Ministerial review team’s report into CEA. AFF has reviewed the survey and is advising those completing the survey to exercise extreme caution.

    AFF is concerned that the questions are leading and biased and believe that they will give an unrepresentative view of the importance of CEA.

    AFF will represent your feelings on the survey to command. Please email us at feedback@aff.org.uk to express your concerns."

    I agree this nasty little piece of work is a complete failure to understand the importance attached to the education of our children

    Don't you get the feeling we're all about to be well and truely shafted - again? So much for re-establishing the Military Covenant
  2. A workmate of mine received the survey yesterday as he currently claims CEA. The questions were indeed very biased and simply yes or no answers. There was nowhere to input any free text or express an opinion. As AFF have stated exercise extreme caution. Personally I would just have deleted the email as I feel that they have already made a decision irrespective of any questionaire.......
  3. E mail sent to AFF and the originators of the survey. Deliberately biased questions with impossible answers
  4. Is the survey available as a hard copy?
    No Dii access for my hubby.
  5. Yes there was if you ticked the right dot! I did and I did fill it in, only one slight glitch I don't no why they sent it to me, complete waste of webspace!
  6. Boots - I think the nice AFF lady across the road is going to try and dig one out.
  7. So, by arrangement, many of those who rely on CEA who serve abroad outside the UK military community are excluded from commenting. If you are on exchange, serving in NATO and many, many other appointments DII is simply not an option.
  8. Surely the CEA issue and costs would be cut if we just introduced a system where we could cut deadwood holders of Regular Commissions. Say those who had held the rank of Major for 6 years were open for boarding which included postings to Civ Div.

    Given the amount of money covered by the CEA, would it be feasible to open our own school?

    Perhaps we could charge parents that sent their offspring to the school a fee, say no more than £400 a term. The MoD would sort out books, uniform, boarding and tuition amongst other things.

    Allow full access to sports, music and other hobbies, open a CCF and what not.

    It would probably be cheaper overall, and would allow the students to be supported should their parents go on tour.

    Just one rule. No Jocks.
  9. We already do run two schools DYRMS and QVS.

    We need to see a copy of this survey and then if it is as biased as said, immediately write to our MPs.
  10. I was hoping for some sort of bite from the Scots about that, so I could indicate the presense of the QVS :D (You'll note the cost etc is taken directly from the QVS site).

    Re the DYRMS. I was under the impression that the MoD has ceded financing and control of the schooling side (it has become an Academy which takes the children of civvies as well as Service personnel).

    The good news is it is still a CCF that has got slightly out of hand within campus and there is still a MoD budget to cover CCF ceremonial uniform and the Band, etc.
  11. If you call up nice people at DASA they can organise a way of getting the survey.
    Most of the questions are multiple choice or sliding scale strongly agree/strongly disagree type. At no point can you add personal comments.
  12. DII is crap.... Its slow and outdated.
  13. I asked a Dii Engineer.? why it was so slow.? His answer was . "The MOD wanted a cheap system and they got it.... lol
  14. If you are on exchange, it is possible to get a soft copy of the questionnaire through IPP, but replies have to be in by Feb 14th. Scanned copies of the pages are too big to send and you can't incorporate the 15 pages onto an e-mail. I have only just seen the survey today, and am frightened to respond even if I could find a way to do so.

    Here is what IPP sent to us.
    I also tried attach the pdf of the survey but at 15 pages it is over 500KB which exceeds the limit for the site. Sorry
  15. Not a very well informed response from the engineer. The real answer is mostly down to the insufficient bandwidth for each site rather than the system itself.