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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stackon, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Quick story, I am posted a long way from JPA and have extremely limited access to proper info (Embassy posting), but have a couple of questions for the knowledgeable amongst you.

    1. When does the next window open for CEA claims to be submitted.

    2. I missed the first window/payment date for the winter term and am waiting for it to be paid and have been told sometime in October, is that correct?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Payment date for October is 07 Oct.

    See below copied from JPA Op Bulletin 1006-005:

    CEA Window opens: 30 Jun10

    Main CEA Run:

    Manual Cut-off: 1900 hrs 5 Aug 10 (claims must be with JPAC by this date to ensure payment on 23 Aug 10)

    Online Cut-off: 1900 hrs 12 Aug 10 (must also be authorised by Unit Allowance Checker by 1900 Hrs 12 Aug 10 for inclusion in this run)

    Payment date: 23 AUG 10

    Final CEA Run:

    Manual Cut-off: 1900 hrs 17 Sep 10 (claims must be with JPAC by this date to ensure payment on 7 Oct 10)

    Online Cut-off: 1900 hrs 30 Sep 10 (must also be authorised by Unit Allowance Checker by 1900 Hrs 30 Sep 10 for inclusion in this run)

    Payment date: 7 OCT 10

    The online window will be closed at on 30 Sep 10 (1900 hrs) and no claims should be submitted or authorised after 1900 hours on the 30 Sep 10.

    A reminder to all Unit HR Staff and CEA claimants.

    All CEA claim enquiries must be submitted through the Enquiry Centre, please do not contact SPVA JPA Process Team directly.

    Users with Self Service access to JPA should use the online claim facility:

    · CEA online claims can only be submitted when the CEA ‘Election Window’ is open. Manual claims can still be submitted to JPAC HR, Pay and Pensions Process Team but will only be paid on designated CEA pay runs. To ensure payment, claims must be authorised prior to the designated cut off dates on any month.

    · The online claim window should only be used for Autumn Term 10 claims. If you need to submit a claim for any previous terms, please submit via the manual process.

    · Payments of CEA can only be made to bank accounts that have been entered as “UK Main Bank Account”. If Pay method name is JPA BACS, payment cannot be made to the account which will result in the Service Person not being able to make payment to the school. Cheques will not be issued by SPVA in this circumstance.

    · Claimants should ensure that when submitting claims that include ‘extras’ that they refer to JSP 752 Ch 9 Sect 2 Annex A to ensure Admissible Extras are being claimed.

    · When entering the amount of the ‘main claim’, the claimant must deduct any discounts, grants, bursaries or scholarships given by the school, Local Education Authority or other public bodies from the original school fees for each child. This abated amount is the figure that should be entered as the ‘main claim’ (please note that this is not the ‘total due’ at the bottom of the school invoice, nor does it include incidental expenses such as ‘insurance’ but should only be basic boarding and/or tuition fees). Claimants must submit all supporting documentation to their HR Admin Staff in order to have their claim authorised.

    · For claimants of SENA DU and NSI, the amount charged for SENA tuition must be added to the abated amount of fees in main claim field.

    · CEA claimants and HR Admin Staff are reminded that all claims require the submission of supporting documentation, especially receipts, in accordance with Chapter 9 of JSP 752. Without supporting documentation, Unit HR Staff should not authorise a CEA claim.

    Submission of Manual Claim Forms for users without online self service access to JPA:

    · All personnel are reminded that the correct form for manual claims for CEA is to be submitted using JPA Form (JS Form JPA F001 (Revised 06/07)) which requires claims to be accompanied with relevant supporting documentation, especially receipts and bills from the school, in accordance with Chapter 9 of JSP 752. Without supporting documentation submitted to JPAC HR, Pay and Pensions Process Team, claims will be delayed in payment until such time as the necessary documentation is received.

    · Any claims submitted to JPAC HR, Pay and Pensions Process Team which are of the old type of forms will be returned to units for re-submission.

    · Additionally, Unit HR (Allowance Checkers) are to ensure that part C is completed in full. Any forms which have not been endorsed fully within the statement at Part C and signed by the claimant at Part B will also be returned to unit for corrective action.

    Manual claims are to be sent to:

    JPAC HR, Pay and Pensions Process Team
    MP 335
    Kentigern House
    G2 8EX
    FAX: 94561 3586

    Note – If claimants are aware they will be away on Ops when the window is going to be open, early submission of manual claim(s) can be made in advance to JPAC HR, Pay and Pensions Process Team, clearly annotating this documentation that they are claiming for future term(s).

    Mobility Certificates/*Eligibility Certificates:

    · All Unit HRs are to ensure that their personnel claiming CEA have current Mobility Certificates recorded against their personal details (this information needs to be reflected against the service person and NOT against the child’s details).

    *The Mobility Certificate is in the process of being phased out and replaced with the Eligibility Certificate, once the Mobility Certificate expires or is no longer valid (see JSP 752, 09.0105).

    SENA Certificates:

    · Where units hold current SENA certificates, then this information must be recorded against the appropriate child on the SP’s JPA record.

    Continuity Of Education Allowance – JSP 752 09.0103.part F makes reference to the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS). This organisation used to be known as SCE (UK). The address can also be found at para 0220, Chapter 2 of JSP 342.
  3. Cheers mate, Never get these bulletins so good to know the info. Has the bulletin come out for the next window yet?
  4. Not seen it yet.