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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wafubustard, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if this rambles on a bit as I need some advice, has anyone had the experience of moving schools whilst claiming CEA.

    Little Bustardette is at boarding school and we are claiming CEA within all the rules. The school does not seem to push her, her fitness has gone down as she isn't participating in the sports she used to do and she is well below par on certain subjects. We have found out that others who have left the school are below in the same subject.

    The boy Bustard has moved school on my last draft as he isn't in the CEA system yet. His new school has said he lacks in the same subject as his sister.

    We have spoken to the school and been told that everything is going well, she is doing well etc and our concerns will be addressed but nothing has happened yet.

    The main concern is that she is the only boarding girl in her year and next year will be only one of 6 in the boarding school. At the rate the school is going she will be one of two the year after.

    With figures like that she is not going to get the best out of boarding. I would like to move her from this school to a different one so she will be pushed academically and enjoy the experience

    Has anyone had to do this before and how helpful were CEA in doing this?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    No experience myself, but AFF has this little gem:

    Education Allowances (CEA) (SENA)

    Though I note you used the word draft.
  3. Thanks, will have a good look through that. I bet it is as clear as mud to read.

    Yes I mentioned draft, I'm afraid to say I'm a Matelot.
  4. Although I haven't done it myself, I don't think it's a particularly easy process; particularly as the rules and scrutiny have been tightened up (and rightly so). I think that CEAS will consider each situation on a case by case basis and so if you can demonstrate the legitimacy of your reasoning (not just because little B doesn't like it there) then they should be open to the idea of changing schools. They could reasonably expect that you should have thoroughly investigated the school before you decided to send your child there (Ofsted reports, school visits etc).
  5. We went through this with middle son, took forever.
    Had to give school a full terms notice and then a very detailed and indepth case profile had to be submitted to a scrutiny board who then decide if the case is worthy of sending to JPAC.

    We had to have Headmaster letters agreeing to our concerns and reasons on why son could leave, very long process and school was not keen on admitting they had failed our son. CEAS also need to back the case and an offer from another school has to be in place.

    Took us 6 weeks and many many telephone conversations, meetings and tears.

    Good luck!
  6. Thank you.
    Realise it will be hard. It is looking like in two years she could be one of two boarding. When we first took her there the boarding school was full.

    Worried about her and her education bot being up to scratch.

    The boy has been moved up 2 levels in his reading since moving and is having to play catch up in an other subject.
    Not bad coming from a prep school to a state school.

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  7. Boots is your Princess for all of this.

    Mimi knows everything.
  8. Wafu, you need to write a formal case to go through your pay CoC for processing to PACC. You should demonstrate that the school's standards have slipped below an acceptable level; so how many boarders were there when you started, how many are there now therefore she will have little to do at the weekends and no friends to socialise with. Have the schools's education standards slipped, if so demonstrate, can you get other parents to back you up?

    Be warned, the school may not like this and may not support you as they may loose their place on the CEA list and two, do not remove her before you have permission as you may then not be able to claim CEA again.

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  9. Thank you for all your help, just heard today that we can move her to another school.
    She is having a taster day at the new school.
    Hope she likes it as it is the school we want her to go to now and she has been looking forward to going there for so long now (for her anyway)
    Today she went in skipping and wanting to go in. That is so different to how she has been at her school.
    Thank you for your help.

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  10. Well done that man! But, make very sure that it is the school for her and for you. Can you afford the fees and will she get all the subjects she needs. Remember too that you will need to stick to the new "improved" CEA rules, especially the ones about being accompanied, I hope she has a good time!
  11. I am watching the rules,
    I have moved the whole family for one of my postings, only just over the min term but I still moved them so they cannot say I am not mobile

    Again thanks for the help

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