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Currently claiming CEA all within rules etc. However there is the possibilitythat the wife's civvie job may move to another part of the country, which would be a 3 hour commute if lucky. Thus to keep her job (and we do need both of us to work to afford the top up fees) she may have to work away from home and, during the week, stay with family members who live nearby. We do not live in a part of the country where she could easily find alternative work. A phone call to the CEA advice line was met with "there's an 0800 number for suspected fraud - somebody might tell on you", which was not really much help at all! Has anybody been in a similar situation and what was the outcome. At the moment we are in a lose:lose situation. If she gives up the job, we can't afford to pay the rest of the fees, however if the company does move and she goes with it, we may not be entitled to CEA. I should point out that as she had already negotiated term time only work, the nights spent out of the family home averaged out over the year would be at most 2 nights per week. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
I feel your pain, I had to give up my job to follow the drum and after 7 mths haven't had a sniff of employment! Money is very tight and we are using savings to pay the fees. Savings won't last forever sadly.

Rules are rules and to qualify for CEA you must be living together in the MQ.

Good luck!
I feel for you, by the sound of it you need to make a case to break Continuity so that you can send the children to a school that you can afford without the need for your wife's income. What you must not do is try to fool the system as you will eventually be found out.
what does both living in the same MQ mean? surely some reasonable allowance is made? After all service personnel spend huge amount of time away from the family home, so the spouse should be entitled to spend a reasonable amount of time away, as long as it remains the primary family home?


I agree with Danny. Your wife's home address will still be your MSQ, your still cohabiting. I really can't see that you would be breaking the rules.
Wasn't there some sort of fuss and bother recently about exactly what you could get away with when designating the "primary family home"?

There must be a rule somewhere about how many days you can spend out of the place before you are deemed to have moved out?

I am not an expert but have been claiming CEA until recently, although my circumstances were slightly different from yours (feel free to pm if you want more detail). The rules about CEA are in JSP 752 Ch 9, where Para 09.0104 deals with family mobility and says that you have to be accompanied at your duty station. It then refers you on to Section 1 of Chapter 2 of the same JSP for the definitions of what that means.

Para 01.0202 says "Accompanied service is deemed to exist when a Service person maintains a home in which their spouse/civil partner and any dependant children normally live and from which the Service person travels daily to work at their duty station. Accompanied service for a single parent (Personal Status Category 2) is deemed to exist when the Service parent maintains a home in which their dependant children would normally live and from which they travel daily to work at their duty station. In cases where there is doubt as to whether or not a Service person is accompanied, for the purpose of the allowance/entitlement, COs should use the guidance at Annex A to this Section in making their judgement."

A quick look at Annex A is helpful as Para 5 says "Temporary Absences of the Service Person’s Spouse/Civil Partner. A spouse/civil partner may also be absent from the family home, either continuously or in aggregated periods, for long periods. Depending on the circumstances, such absences may have an effect on the Service person’s accompanied status. In principle, the Service person should be considered to remain accompanied provided that their spouse/civil partner remains resident in the RWA and has not established a principal residence elsewhere."

Of course, I have only quoted a few sentences from a couple of very long and complicated sets of rules and you should read them in detail before making any deicsions and talk to your RAO.. Assuming you are on Armynet, you can get all of these documents from the Reference Portal - if not give me a shout and I can send you a copy.

Hope it all works out in your favour.

Prepare an annual diary showing exactly which nights your wife will be @ home and which nights (presumably Sunday to Thursday) that she will be away from home, then request a CO's review via your RAO. It's a risk but if you get the ok signed off by the CO then you cannot be accused of any malpractise.
As an aside recently we had a Lt Col interviewed without coffee by our 2* for a very similar case
Anyone got the CEA rates for 2011/12?


Prepare an annual diary showing exactly which nights your wife will be @ home and which nights (presumably Sunday to Thursday) that she will be away from home, then request a CO's review via your RAO. It's a risk but if you get the ok signed off by the CO then you cannot be accused of any malpractise.
I wish that was true, Paymaster. I have heard of a couple of countersigning officers being hauled over the coals for signing documents that the system later decided were fraudulent. The CEA fraud cases going through the system at the moment will all have been signed off by someone. I must have signed lots and I am half expecting a knock on the door to ask me if I can remember signing Pte Blogg's application in 2001 and was I aware that it was fraudulent? Pte Blogg? Who he? 2001? Remind me...:?

I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning...

It is an astonishing situation that only muddies the water for the original poster and I sympathise with him. I suspect that, in the current climate of fear, his application will be staffed up the CoC to Bde or even Div HQ!


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