CEA ( Boarding School Allowance) has been suspended

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. From JPA:

    New Applications for CEA are suspended until further notice?
  2. Does anyone happen to know whether the same is happening for Diplomats and the like who serve overseas? Joined up government and all that!
  3. Outstanding, cannot really access JPA where I am, does it say anymore?
  4. Are they in the Army too?
  5. Western has, for once, a valid point - even if he makes it in a deliberately antagonistic manner.

    Diplomats and so on have a complkletely different set of circumstances and rules. The comparison is invalid.
  6. There you go getting all chippy. Explain where I was antagonistic in so few words?
  7. Diplomats and so on have a completely different set of circumstances and rules. The comparison is invalid.


    Are they in the Army too?

  8. I can only see that you would have benefitted from CEA
  9. Mines just been paid in and from AG's conference last week - no plans to scrap - just a closer look on mobility!! Keep calm and carry on!!
  10. Actually, Western, I did. (And I now have an MSc.) I also have dyslexic typing fingers but that is due to being old enough to know how to operate a fountain pen.
  11. Let me clarify the point for you Western,

    You replied with a relatively curt rhetorical question. It was valid but automatically sets the tone as intellectually arrogant towards the intended target. This may have been accidental but, given your normal style on here, I doubt it.
  12. Now you see, you are just coming across as an arrogant, self opinionated fuckwit.

    I put six words on the page rather than wasting time. The original poster seemed excited and appeared to be lashing out at other groups. You followed the theme by determining that my brevity was anything other than a simple question.

    replying to me more than once sort of makes the point that you spent too long in the pub at lunchtime :)
  13. Westeern, I am reminded of the old joke comparing arguing on the internet with competing in the special olympics and, for that reason, I am going to look at some other threads.