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While doing some research in prep to send the little ones away for a couple years piece and quite I have stumbled upon references on various school websites that state from Sep 2008, a change in law now allows childcare vouchers can be used to to offset the boarding element of school fees until the end of academic year in which a child turns 15.

This can only be used to offset the boarding element and the cost of boarding will need to broken out any bill, which the vouchers can be used for. However as CEA pays 90% (capped) of the total fees can you use the CEA to offset the education side of the costs first allowing you to use vouchers for the boarding element.

If this is permissible, and I can not find in JSP 752 to state otherwise, this could save those with child in boarding school a fortune.

It could be said that this would reduce the amount paid to under the 10% minimum contribution and therefore would be contravention of JSP 752. However I would argue that any money lodged in the childcare voucher scheme belong to me and if this is used to pay for the remainder of the boarding element (remembering CEA has been used for the schooling and some of the boarding fees) I am still paying the 10% required just that I haven't paid tax/NI on it and therefore make a considerable saving through tax efficiencies. There is nothing in tJPS 752 that states I have to pay tax/NI on my 10% contribution, indeed ordinarily the personal contribution might have come from money that I have been untaxed on due to my personal tax allowance.

Has anyone look further into this or can provide advice as this will effect the which schools are within my price range.


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Try these people, they "should" have the answers!

Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS)
Children's Education Advisory Service is a Tri-Service organisation funded by the MOD. It was established to provide information and support to Service families and eligible MOD civilians on all aspects of the education of their children in the UK and overseas.

Helpline hours
With immediate effect, and for the foreseeable future the CEAS Helpline will be open 08.30 - 15.30 Monday to Friday. At other times and when the helpline is busy, messages can be left on the answer phone or via e-mail. Please ensure that your name and contact details are clear in your message.


When children move frequently from one school to another or between different educational systems obtaining appropriate provision can be complex.

CEAS provides information and advice as well as supporting parents at meetings with schools, local authorities, at tribunal etc. No question is too small or too large for us to deal with. If we don't know the answer ourselves we usually know someone who does.

The Head of Service is Olivia Denson who is assisted by Jeremy Watt, Deputy Head of Service. Both have experience of working at a senior level in schools as well as working in Local Authorities. Susan Wright and Peter Flood are Parent Support Officers based in the Upavon office and Bernadette Lynch is a Parent Partnership Officer based in Germany. They all have extensive experience of working in education.

CEAS also has a Business Manager, two Executive Officers and six Helpline Operators. All of our staff have considerable experience of advising Service parents on a wide range of issues regarding Service children's education.

The CEAS Helpline is manned from 0830hrs - 15.30hrs Monday to Friday. At other times, or when the helpline is busy, messages can be left on the answer machine or sent via e-mail. Please ensure that your name, the name of the child (if appropriate) and your contact details are left slowly and clearly.

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