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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. While looking at the new MATT system I’ve noticed that in MATT 6 there is a small section on drug abuse and CDTs, which got me thinking… we don’t have CDTs in the TA, or at least not that I’ve noticed.

    I would have thought that CDTs would be more important to conduct in the TA than the regs due to us being some strange civvie-soldier half cast and more exposed to the corrupting elements of civvy street than our regular counterparts.
    The signs of drug abuse (personality change, weight loss, lack of energy) would be harder to spot in a STAB due to us only seeing each other for 2hrs during the week and some weekends, making CDTs an important tool for detecting problems.

    So why is it that the regular army has random drug testing from time to time and we don’t?

    I understand that random testing would be very hard to pull off; you can’t order a STAB to come in on a set date for a piss test because if he does have something to hide then he’d either just not turn up or stop using a few days before hand to insure there was nothing in his system on the day of the test.
    You cant start springing random tests on drill nights because word would quickly get round to those who weren’t there.

    Before anyone says anything, I’m not asking because I know any smack heads – but if the regs have a policy of looking for substance abusers (and occasionally finds them) why don’t we have a similar policy (it stands to reason that if we looked, we’d probably find something).
  2. We certainly do get CDT! Had one a few years ago at my TAC on a drill night. Been done on tour twice and Nijmegen as well.

    As to ordering people to attend, it isn't like that in the Regs or the TA; they simply rock up and lock you in until you've given your sample. If you're signed in you're subject to Military Law and therefore CDT, if you're not, you're not!
  3. I thought that we did. Can remember an old PSI talking about being tested (not sure whether it was when he was a PSI), and telling us of our liabaility to be tested. But, like you, have never seen them myself at a TAC.

    Think a few regs might disagree! :D

    Agree that there might be problems with random drugs tests for the TA, but I think they're the way forward. There's nobody in my unit I suspect of drug use, but I still think it would be good for us to be tested every now & then.
  4. I've seen CDT twice in the TA, and I've been in less than a year. If you haven't seen them yet, I'll bet they are on the way.
  5. As a location we have been CDT'd regularly. The funny thing is that some TA blokes work here as civvies and don't get it!!! Yet, when we are done during the evening, now happened a few times, they p*** like the rest of us.

    They never seem to come on a UOTC night though????? :roll:
  6. They probably only hit bigger units, we've been done twice in a year. Completely stops any work being done during the drill night.

    As soon as word gets out, people starting turning back home, not because they have soemthing to hide, they just don't want to spend the night queing up or watching people pee.
  7. technically arent you reg forces while on tour?
  8. Yes we got done on trade training
  9. Technically, yes, but only technically (and professionally of course!).
  10. A lot of the mobilisation courses at RTMC Chilwell are CDT'd now. When I was working there we had 2 failures on the one course. They were both RTU'd and were to be disciplined by their own unit.

    One bloke failed because he'd had 21 novocaine injections for dental work the week before but didnt declare them before he took the pi5s-test. Bit harsh, I thought.

  11. Why the hell would TA need cots

    Oh sorry - misread the title. It's me eyes - getting old you know!
  12. Seen CDT twice in 5 years, isn't it also known by CR(andom)DT which obviously implies that there is no bearing on unit size, senority, role etc otherwise it wouldnt be random?
    We all do the piss test when we join don't we or am I getting myself confused?

    ps I am aware that CDT team can also be called in on request by a CO
  13. We've been done twice too. You can tell what's going on when one of the permanent staff is hanging around the gates and sends everyone to a 'holding area' and advises you have a drink (non-alcoholic of course).

    That's when it pays to not get in too early because they test you first and make you become a 'willy watcher'.

    It could just be because Goku is a NIG :D
  14. When I was in the OTC they CDT mob arrived on the first drill night after Xmas, someones idea of a joke I am sure. Amazingly no one was caught with anything in their pee. I mainly remember the incident because my Adjt had collared me in the corridor and in a very round about way told me to F off if I had had too lively a Xmas. While touched he wouldn't want to see me caught, I always wondered why he thought I was a likely culprit. Nevertheless, I strode manfully into the loo with my paper cup...
  15. In 2004, i got done 6 times.
    1st at chilwell.
    2nd as soon as we were in Bosnia.
    3rd and 4th time on a Harvest OP, different dates.
    5th time, straight after i got back from RnR
    Last time, First night back to my TA unit.
    They must really not like me.