My oppo reckons that as the army is so undermanned at the moment that they are letting ex squaddies who got booted out for testing positive in cdts back in......bollox? :eek:
Your mate is correct, subject to a couple of provisos. It will depend on what the drug was, age and rank on discharge, trade group etc etc etc

BAsically some get in some don't


Well I am a soldier discharged from the PARA's for recieving a custodial sentence for GBH and with a good ref from my CO and the army's current state i'm in the process of possible re-enlistment so you see allowances are being made !!!!!!!


Ha ha warrior_poet not in this case it was of course a civil court case and the judge was a bit of a **** and the rest is history
At my last UNIT (teeth arm) they would very rarely kick people out for failing a CDT on the first or even second occurence. This was probably as a result of undermanning in that CEQ. I suppose if you gave it the "Im so sorry" line they'd probably let you back in.

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