CDT & "Willy Watching"

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by fingers_1661, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Are you taking the piss?
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  2. The thing is most Squaddies can't complain about pissing in public as they spend a lot of time marking their existance all round the world urinating once pissed...mainly outside kebab and Gyros schnellies.
  3. Here's what CMD sees when he's willy watching:

  4. Distinctly annoying when bladder forms its own consciousness, folds its arms in a huff - Organ Liberation Front
  5. There is nothing worse than getting yourself ready and thinking you can take a piss then getting to the toilet and suddenly going all shy.
  6. Been there, done not that, hidden from the video.
  7. I find it quite difficult to piss in those little cups, unless they put it on a table the other side of the gym, priapism isn't all fun you know.....
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  8. I wonder who was the first MP to get his dick out in Parliament, Jeremy Thorpe perhaps. I tried searching hansard for "would the honourable member for * please put his dishonourable member away!" but without sucess.