CDT..Taking the P1ss!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dance_with_the_devil, May 30, 2007.

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  1. My Regiment got zapped by the CDT Team today.
    The usual hurry up and wait around shenanigans ensued.

    Finally the Devil gets his turn, So off i trot to the Ablutions, with a p1ss
    monitor (C0ck Watcher) in tow.
    After a p1ss that would have made a Grand National winner proud, off i trot back to the desk to divvy up said sample, and be on my way, Or so i thought.

    Up comes WO2 i/c Taking the P1ss..."Er your urine is too Clear, wait in the
    "Sin Bin" for 45 Mins until you can go again.

    :? ..I thought...Amongst Twat under my breath..

    Apparently i was too Hydrated and the bod in charge said the Army woulden' test my sample, as no clear indication of Pee to warrant a test.

    Well bugger me for being hydrated and not having "Sugar Puff P1ss"

    Has this irritating nause effected any other guys out there, or was i spun
    a B0ll0ck of a yarn.
  2. Having piss that looks like water is harder to test for impurities because of dilution (At least that is what we were told!). You shouldn't have been encouraged to drink whilst waiting and even those that are sin binned should only have one cup of water.

    At least that was the case when I was a 'piss watcher' last year! We had to grade the colour of the specimen against a chart. Too clear and a further sample was required. Yellow and cloudy was definately the way ahead.
  3. Had exactly the same when they came here, had some guys sat there for hours. i'd never heared of this happening before then either.
  4. Cheers..
    Yeah felt like a right lemon in that Bin, most of the guys were in there for
    not giving a sample..It's Psychological i told em...Just think of Waterfalls
    and running taps..He He..
    Second trip for me, my P1ss was almost the same as my first sample...
    Pain in the Arrse..made it through though.....
  5. i had the same happen to me before, my piss is always pretty clear though but i had to sit in the circle of shame and try again suprise suprise it was the sam after 45 mins but they let it go to the holy testing lab!!!!
  6. I always seem to get dicked as a senior to do the paperwork or end up in the cant p*ss wont p*ss corner, what a pain in the ARRSE. Havent had to be a willy watcher following them in yet but you cant get rid of the smell of p*ss for days. Best thing they have done in the Army though with CDT to get rid of the Druggie Barstewards as when I joined in the late 80/90s they used to all over the place. Keep up the good work CDT :D
  7. CDT should be banned, letts all get doped up and have a good time just like before 1994. Dont you all aggree
  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm your the reason why they have CDT, if your serving Im hoping they are going to pay you a visit very soon. If your not serving fcuk off back to your planet :x
  10. Can't say I do old bean, can't say I do.

    What I do agree with, however, is that any one who comes back positive should find themselves outside the main gate, surrounded by their kit wondering how they are going to get home tonite.

    Harsh but ultimately fair, drugs are not tolerated in this Army.
  11. I got caught out woth this a few years ago whilst in basic training, Cpls saying drink loads of water I am not sitting around waiting for you lot to piss all night, my wifes fit and I havent got salad for tea! Cue me and mucker 3 weeks later in the COs in tray to be told we had failed as our samples were to weak to test and we would be placed on a watch list for next time.

    Shat me up big time!
  12. Had the same issue out 'here' DWTD, met with the usual guff of "if you done nothing wrong, you got nothing to worry about blah blah blah" wouldnt of minded the re take but the scabby bint that put me through again kept giving me major 'evils' - jumped up RAF b1tch at that,
    funny enough though my second sample was near enough the same except this time they said it was boarder line 'cold'.... well fcuk me i thought that this was going to be a long day, eventually they excepted my second sample and then was all smiling and dancing as the evil troll got a royal rollick'n from the IC there.
    Didnt get any recourse from said testing - as usual might I add.
  13. I heard of an air hostess who got done by her company's CDT (in the States). When her urine came back "too clear", she was instantly accused of diluting it, sacked, and told to clear off with no chance of a retest.

    Compared with that, Devil's story seems entirely sensible.
  14. dont drink so much..mmm that does sound stupid those pesky NCO'S tell u to drink loads
  15. We also tell you not to say anything stupid but you dont listen :wink: