CDT result- Dilute (unsuitable for analysis)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mark3536, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey folks.

    I recently had a CDT, The result came back that my urine sample was found to be dilute and not suitable for testing.

    Just to make it clear now- i have never taken nor would i ever take any drugs, i love the Army to much to do that.

    I don't understand how it can come back like this as i never drunk too much water before the test and i remember looking at my urine sample thinking "thats pure Stella in there",lol.

    Does it now mean i'm on some sort of list?

  2. Yep the Sergeant Majors shit list :slow: . Bottom line - next time CDT turn up, you will be top of the list to provide a sample. As you are good little soldier and not a smackhead, you have nothing to fear :plotting:
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  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    You should have had that explained to you today, you are on a 'list' and you will be retested sometime in the next three months. There is a JSP (835) about this, have a good read but as long as you're kosher - and I believe you are - you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about!
  4. Same happened to me, I was tested the next time CDT visited the area. No problems, no suspicion , rumours or black marks against me etc. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Whereas I've been pumping my body full of shit for nigh on a decade now, and I've never been caught. Maybe it's just fate?
    (hit Ctrl+A)
  6. Once happened to me and a bunch of others, we had water and tea poured down our necks but there was drama getting the testing started so 15 blokes crippled with full bladders, by the time we went through I could of filled 8 pints with crystal clear piss.

    Got the letter, panicked Sqn OC said chill wait for retest :)

    Dont worry just get retested next time they are on camp. If your a good lad then there should not be any alarm bells ringing becuase of a dilute letter.
  7. Hijacking the thread slightly, did anyone see Police Camera type prog earlier in the week where a squaddie on his stag do in Blackpool was arrested for possession of Class A?

    Apparently they had him on video using it but if they didn't and a CDT was clean, would he still get discharged if he got a non-custodial sentence from Civvy Court?

    Just curious, and no it doesn't refer to me, or a "friend". I never get CDT'd, I'm not on anyone's nominal role and they don't know I'm here!
  8. Seen

    At the end of the show it stated that he just got a caution but not certain how that translates into what records etc are kept and if anyone at his Unit might have been informed.

    Wonder if he mentioned it to anyone or if he was just hoping it wasn't broadcast!!??
  9. When CDT first came in I took the precaution of filling a 2nd set of samples & letting the team know that i'd done so. None of us knew what to expect if something in everyday use gave a false reading & I didn't want to lose my pension on something that in my opinion could so easily have gone wrong.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This is the major get out clause for most drug users in the Forces.

    We all know it happens.

    It is easy for a casual drug user to down a few pints of water when the CDT team turn up, provide a sample that is pure H2O, then stay clean for a few weeks until the follow up test.
  11. a casual drug user while an idiot is not really going to be much of a risk to the military.
    a regular drug user is though.
  12. :slow: Ive finally been caught :slow: ..... CDT straight after a SCLM tab is really the way to go after downing 2 black water bottles.
  13. Not "drinking too much" - just fully hydrated.

    I got pinged for a drugs test at a sports competition, somewhere hot. There's a limit on how long the testing team can hold you (it was either three or four hours at the time, and they weren't doing blood tests); it was my third and final sample before they ran out of time* that only just managed to pass the specific gravity test - which was being done on the remnants in the pot after the full "fill out the form, break the seals on the containers, fill and seal A and B samples" experience.

    Our medical support were chuffed, it was proof that someone had actually been listening to them and working at their hydration plan...

    *My teammate (who had actually won a medal, unlike me) was still producing water at the 3 or 4 hour mark - she had to go back the next day.