CDT for the House of Commons?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I'd rather see CFT for the b*stards. Prior to AMC, MCP and AFG with no CBA, LOA or FGA.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Compulsory Drugs Testing.

    Sorry, forgot arrse is being over-run with civvies :(

  4. Thought it was on the job description now for a member of the Cabinet to of sampled drugs at university. Why do you think ex Squaddie Paddy Ashdown didnt stand a chance.
  5. Long thought the pack of them were on something (apart from trough snouting).
  6. As if CDT works anyway...
  7. Me too mate, way after my time -I thought it was something to do with pest control lol
  8. Your joking, one of the best things ever brought in and over the last 10 years plus we have got rid of loads of druggie cnuts. The more we get the better it is IMHO :D
  9. On balance I think it is best we don't CDT them.

    I'd hate to find that they made all those stupid decisions when sober and drug-free.
  10. I think the idea behind it is great, but I have been unfortunate enough to work with soldiers who regularly do pills/cocaine without being caught. There is a very limited period of time (I forget the exact figure, but it's a few days) when this type of substance can actually be picked up using the CDT tests.
  11. Personally I think that members of certain public services should be subject to CDT type conditions too, such the Police, Fire and Ambulance service and Nurses and Doctors. Granted this would cost a fortune but in the ideal world it should be the norm seeing as the degree of trust placed in these people is at a similar level if not higher at times to that of servicemen and woman. As for MP's are they resorting to drugs now instead of the kinky sex games that they used to participate in the 90's??
  12. Sobriety testing is needed more... fookers are always 3 sheets.