CDT failure

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dywesoges, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi, can someone tell me under what circumstances might a CO consider giving someone who has failed a cdt a second chance???? do the take personal circumstances into consideration???
  2. o dear, i was a pee pee watcher for one last week and there were some nervous faces lol!!! were you one?
  3. As in you are addicted to smack? Never mind enjoy your new life as a civvie, mate.
  4. Is this someone a "mate"?
  5. no! lol u got any advice?
  6. he's my soon to be my ex husband actually
  7. Very slight chance if he's a very junior rank and considered a top bloke with loads of potential and the CO is happy to consider that it was absolutely a one off lapse in judgement. However in these days of high recruitment, discharging of P7s, cuts etc, etc he probably doesn't have a cat in hells chance. What gear was the junkie loser doing, by the way?
  8. With recruitment as high as it is you'll probably be out of luck.
  9. is he scottish?
  10. Oh yeah, sacked AND binned, is he called Mr Lucky by any chance?
  11. Just on the off chance, are you looking for new bloke?
  12. ...........and do you want him to be a soldier and did you do drugs with your soon to be ex?
  13. Oi **** off I saw her first.
  14. Mods, please can we take to the NAAFI.
  15. Dywesoges any chance of a picture so we know how hard to fight? If you're ginger I'll let Bluntslane chin me.