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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by NaughtyGreenJacket, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Seeking advice on the following - sensible answers only please.

    I was hoofed out of the Army after the good old CDT crew cornered and captured me. At that time I was running into my 13th year and had already signed off with about 10 months service left.

    When I got hoofed the adjt informed me that I would not lose my pension entitlement, would also receive resettlement trg and my golden handshake. He also told me the "I was a very lucky man" and that because I was beyond 11 years service then nothing could be taken away from me. My resettlement course was actually in two phases and I managed to wangle a 6 month break between the two phases with 6 months unpaid leave to fill the gap.

    Anyway, I eventually get the boot and became a member of civpop. The question I ask is that my current employee has handed me DV forms for completion as I require security clearance for a particular role. Will my CDT discharge come back to haunt me or is their some kind of rehabilitation of offenders act in place as my crime was 7 years ago? My red book did not state anything about CDT but I did receive an E i think. Will it even be picked up then the forms are being processed?

    Spare me the sob stories about druggies blah blah etc... Im a good guy now but I was younger and irresponsible back then. Ive paid for my crime by getting discharged and if i could turn back the clock i would but hey - life goes on.

  2. So......lets say that you joined at 17, as I did. That would make you 30 years old at your 13 year point. "Young and irresposible"??? WTF?? Are you making this up, or are you still on drugs??! Good luck with your DV clearance!
  3. Anyone know what gets tea and saliva off a PC monitor?

    As for DV, you've more chance of a snog off the Pope.
  4. Sorry but the blah blah doesn't excuse the fact that you were discharged for drugs offences. If this comes back to bite you in the backside then tough!

    I think the adjt was being rather restrained and couldn't wait to get you out of his office/camp/unit/army.

    "Spare me the sob stories" Oh ok, if you say so. If you want sympathy then you know where to look.
  5. DV is knowing all about you and worrying about what they dont know about you as you can be blackmailed if you have any dark secrets.

    Just be 100% honest and you will be fine. I was a bad lad in 1987 and was DV'd in 96', I was crapping myself about the same issue and the guy interviewing me said fine - your being honest, but if you did not tell us and we found out (and they would have) I would nto have got my DV.
  6. Yer good one - knob. And this goes to the rest of you brown starfish lickers. I have a job, a good one at that, its just that my employee ( a global IT company) are wanting to place me somewhere that maintains military IT systems (because the military dont have the right type of brain cell to do it themselves). Its not as if im desperate for a job, if i dont pass the clearance I dont get the post - simple as. My company will just place me somewhere else. All I ask is will it be picked up on - thats all.

    Thanks for your sensible answer bullshit - as for the rest of you - go F**k your CO you f****in licks.
  7. Nuff said. I don't think anyone is really bothered about your opinion or situation. Now, hopefully you'll fade away from whence you came.
  8. Also, I think you mean your "employer". :D

    Best of luck with the job and DV clearance.
  9. Bollocks to the lot of you. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Like the man said DV clearance is all about being honest. You can't get blackmailed about something everyone knows about. They will find out though if you don't tell them.

    Good luck. Celer et Audax
  10. Did I get the first bite of the day? Do I win anything? mwaaa haa haa haaa.

  12. Why do you feel that you have to add your bit - what was the point? Are you one of these geeks (I assume you are a geek by your avatar) who has to place a comment in every post even though it has sweet FA to do with you. You Sir, are a f**k*n busybody. God help your wife - if you have one - geek.
  13. Junkie B astard. I hope you get sacked and end up living on the streets you T1T.

    Young and Irresponsible at the time - you must have been at least 30.
  14. You have to declare drug use for DV, whether or not it precludes you from getting DV cleared depends on your honesty. You certainly cannot be DV'd if you are still using drugs.