CDT...Can It Be Fooled?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CMT, Feb 15, 2002.

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  1. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    I know a bloke who was a pothead, acid taker etc etc who drank 9 litres of fresh orange juice before his test and only got one of those letters that say he did NOT test positive but they may need another sample in the future.
  2. So the CDT team were concerned that he may have had a major Vitamin C overdose!!!!!! :p
  3. The man from Del-Monte he say Stag On 8)
  4. Just shows that there is ways of getting round it! ;D
  5. Well it cant be that good, coz out of 16 on one of the project teams a couple of years, 6 had done either coke, Es, spliffs at the weekend,, and not a single one of them got caught... explanations please??
  6. A lot depends on the drug involved and the frequency of use. Habitual cannabis smoker more likely to be caught than the occassional E or Coke abuser. Also depends on the metabolics of the user etc, so whole host of factors to be taken into consideration.
  7. Well, there are certainly web sites selling products that basically act like a bleach drink and claim to be able to completely remove traces of the drugs that CDT tests for.  I came across them being advertised on an american sports nutrition site.  Apparently, all someone would need is two to eight hours advance notice of a CDT visit to allow the drink to work and he would be safe and we all know that once the signal arrives it doesn't take long for the rumours to filter down......  
  8. Yes, I knew someone that found out the CDT team was on it's way who was really panacking about getting caught.  Someone told him to swallow 2 asprin's an hour before getting tested, which he did - And believe it or not, he did'nt get caught!  We still don't know whether it was just sheer luck or if the asprin trick really did work - But the guy that recommended it swears by it!

    Weird or wot? :eek:
  9. One thing that amazes me about CDT day is that even though us blokes are precision pis*ing into cups and are being watched the whole time, the floor still ends up totally swamped!  Who is it!!?
  10. Dont look at me, i'm not the Guilty one.

    anyway i have to sit down to take a leak, coz my beers guts too big i can't see my feet let alone where the hell i'm aiming. ;D

    Iteresting concept on the Aspirin though, considering its an Antiplatelet agent with Thrombolyotic action. thats why its used in patients with Heart Problems.
    I wonder if it Neturlizes the trace of Drug in the bladder, I'll have to ask my boss. (get back to you on that 1) :-/

    Top tip: mix Codeine Phosphate with Aspirin if u want a really good pain killer that'll send u to the Fairies for a good few hours. :D
  11. CDT in the prison service is MDT (mandatory etc). Cons swear that normal houshold soap dropped in the piss sample will render it useless. I know of several that boasted of having soap stuffed behind their 4skin, up the khyber or anywhere a screw couldn't check.
  12. I am sorry to be a party pooper but I cant believe so many people on this site know someone that is a drug user ? Do we condone drug abuse in the Army or are we happy to let the odd spliff, E, coke etc go unnoticed ? Me totally against it !
  13. Nice one Sarn't Major, I thought I had accessed a Civvy Party site by mistake, OK I am an old Bas**ard, but the thought of sharing an active service posting with some 'smack or pothead' fills me with horror, and believe me I am not easily horrified. Have the British Army turned completely 'American' or just fuc**ng stupid. Zero Tolerance!! All the way!! :mad:
  14. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    You pipped me to the post SSM!!

    If any of you people who 'know' someone who is a drug abuser has a stripe/crown/star on your uniform you should take a razor blade to it now!!

    And as for being able to 'fool' the tests, i ask you this...  is it really worth losing your job over?  Not to mention the fact that your future civilian boss will have to accept the fact that he is employing not just an untrustworthy lawbreaker, but also someone who doesn't care about his employment?

    For those who fail a CDT, you can be out of the front gates, holding a one way warrant, within 49 hours of the letter landing on the Adjts desk.  Try explaining that to the wife/parents/girlfriend/job centre!!
  15. There's a few people in my Regiment that have been booted out due to drugs. There's a guy that got caught out on CDT just before xmas and he's still in the Regiment now!  They found traces of cocaine in his urine and he came forward and said that he'd been spiked in a nightclub (which we all know is bol*oks).  Can't actually believe that he's still walking around in uniform...............What's happening these day's for someone to get away with it like that??????????????? :eek: