CDS wearing an RE Beret - apparently

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eye_spy, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. I have been reliably informed that CDS was seen on telly last night wearing a Royal Engineers beret. Can anyone confirm this and if so, why was a crab wearing RE head dress.
  2. He was forced to wear it as a bet by Jim (SAC Fucknuckle) from RAF Brize Norton after losing a 'who's the biggest arrse licker competition'.
  3. Yes he did (noted here in NZ) as for why; perhaps its a Crab thing, sort of a YMCA dress up in a military style? Anyway what does it matter if he jumped through the hoop again he garuanteed his pension rights :wink:
  4. Poor fool - he's obviously got delusions of grandeur and is pretending to be Monty.......
  5. Also seen in Iraq last year:

  6. Delusions of grandeur? He's a crab, so more a case of delusions of adequacy.
  7. Anyone going to pick the scruffy cnut up for having an idle pocket?
  8. And fcuking silly sunglasses
  9. but his pocket is tucked in so its ok for an orifice!
    how dare he wear the beloved Corps beret! blaady crabs
    do anything to look good!

    edited to say: there not even issued sunglasses where's the standards!!
  10. Sir Jock is Honorary Colonel of 73 Engineer Regiment (V). He is just being polite and has no desire to build bridges for flood ridden northerners.
  11. There's a whole thread devoted to it last year I believe.....
  12. was it a weekend when he was on duty :)
  13. He's got no business inspecting anyone else, pocked tucked or not, the nob and I think he's realised his sunglasses are stupid as he's making a grab for muckers Rayban's. Not sure guy in between and behind is too impressed either. Cnuuuut
  14. It's for jointery. If the photo went lower you'd see he wears a Royal Marine stable belt.
  15. is he "bullet proof" cause the mucker behind is weariing body armour and he is not! or is it he's that high up he wont get shot now?