CDS Speaks out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by insty, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. At last the top man speaks too Telegraph Story

    And he's not even retiring
  2. At last!

    Good drills.
  3. You could say we're 'Jock-Strapped', for want of a better term... :roll:
  4. I'll get your coat.
  5. This will make a difference, pity it took so long for the lights to come on, but welcome all the same.

    My issue all along is that the (2006), UK deployment to Afghanistan should never have been approved whilst we were in Iraq. All the Chiefs of Staff signed up to it, so I don't think much of their logic or analysis.

    CDS would not have said this if something did not need to change.

    Is it a reduction of deployed manpower that he wants to see happen, or could it be another commitment that he can see coming? Iran? Or has CDS finally realised that Afghanistan will consume every single capability in UKAF inventory.

    CDS need only to have looked back to the Russian occupation to have worked that one out.

    We achieved our initial objective in 2002, if the Euro Armies are not interested then sorry to say, esp with more tragic news today, time to bail out of Afg.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And best you order a taxi while you are at it.

  7. Question: how many of this vile Government's Ministers will line up to rubbish his comments in the coming week or so OR will there be a statement from an unattributable MoD source doing the same but 'explaining' his remarks - OR will any NewLabour politician back him up?
  8. As far back as that? He only needed to look as far as his predecessor telling TCH in a press conference that in fact, he was :D
  9. Surely you mean the other way round?

    As to the CDS remarks, It's about time and I hope that zaNu Labour actually starts to take some notice, although the possibilities of that are minimal.
  10. Sorry, should have said the 2006, UK Deployment to Afghanistan, you know the one where not a single shot would be fired....

    Our objective had already been achieved in early 2002.

    But yes I agree, Afg could have been sorted without the distraction and diversion of the Iraq invasion which has been a disaster. That said, once we were committed to Iraq we should have never deployed to Afg in 2006, especially when the mission was totally confusing.

    Jees, where do you start and finish with this mess?
  11. Spoken, it is suggested, from a position of strength knowing the Govt can hardly sack him, or ask him to resign, when the Govt, has just asked him “to stay on in post for another year”.

  12. From the article
    Feck me, that must've been a hell of a firefight
  13. What, all of them!!! :omfg:
  14. Damn. beaten to it!!
  15. Perhaps we just start by sticking to what we can successfully hope to finish there?
    Rory Stewart, a former diplomat who lives in Kabul where he is running an urban regeneration project wrote in December '07-
    ...and Is rebuilding Afghanistan our mission impossible?

    Let's stop this nonsensical notion that it would somehow be 'unbritish' to call a halt and refrain from continuing on a wrong path just because that's what we have always done, so therefore must go on, because that's what we've always done......

    The lives of our mother's sons are worth far more than the stubborn pride of our leaders.