CDS lecture to RUSI

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Already being discussed on CA, but worth reposting here. CDS lecture to RUSI last week on what the future holds.

    General Sir David Richards speech to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) | Think Defence

    Will be interesting to see how we "look after the talent" during the swingeing cuts and transition to a very different way of conducting business. Hopefully it will be rather better thought-out than hurriedly offering an FRI to the latest pinch-point trade...

    Lots of other interesting points in the speech, but just thought I'd pick out one to start the ball rolling.
  2. Could've done with that type of progressive leadership before Op HERRICK 4 in 2006.
  3. I've spoke to many people in the private sector and from what I can gather, profit is 'king', full stop. Having recently spoken to a former senior manager from M & S, he said that M & S treated their clothing range better than their staff. It's all about profits in the private sector and savings in the Government departments, so as long as those two factors are being met, any human involvement amounts to mere collateral, talented or not.
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  4. Interesting read, especially about the need for joint diplomatic/aid/military thinking and action. I seem to remember Frank Kitson saying the same thing about 40 years ago. Hopefully there'll be the political will for this to succeed, and not just use it as an excuse to rationalise further: I think there'll be a temptation to rely on the projection of "soft power" as a meaningful intervention, which, as my old gran used to say, would be all fur coat and no knickers. Not much direct mention on his thoughts around G2, although plenty implied. Lots of scope to keep IAs employed, and \i would be interested to see how the joining of INT/SIGS at directorate level impacts on the cyber warfare bit. Thanks for the signpost...
  5. I'm also interested by the Cyber point. This, with mention of reserve involvement and a significant expansion of our volunteers on the cards may be a good indication of what they might actually "do". Also it would be good if the soft approach opened up more embassy defence sections - i am sure those jobs would be popular!
  6. Don't tell Dingerr.
  7. I wonder if the gloomy cnut managed to crack a smile at all.
  8. I read the text of the speech after the initial CA thread was posted. One thing of interest was CDS advocating a larger surface combatant force for the RN. The implication that I drew is that this is could be the opening shot to get HMG to fund more T26 frigates than the current plan to replace the T23's one for one.

    I found the cyber warfare thing interesting as well. Could we be at the start of the process were the Corps moves into this area?

    By the way, who else read this article in yesterdays Daily Telegraph:

    Maybe a bit of a scare story, but it does have a logical argument. The return to power of the LDP in Japan and endorsement of them possibly becoming officially non-pacifist by the Phillippines in light of China's new assertiveness could make for an interesting short to medium term in the far east. That's without the lunatic asylum/gulag that is North Korea being added to the equation (interestingly the article doesn't mention NK).
  9. Asking for more, knowing he'll be beaten down to settle for replacing the T23s one for one? Rather than the T45 replacement saga (12 then 8 then 6).
  10. I would not at all be surprised if you are correct.....