CDS extended in post

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crazy_Legs, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Just seen on the Defence Intranet that CDS has been extended until 2011. Not entirely unexpected....!
  2. It means that neither Sir Richard, nor Sir Johnathon Band (1SL) will make it to the top - despite both being tipped to do so. This is a stitch up of the highest order - it seems that No10 is desperate to muzzle those that speak their minds.
  3. I hope Sir Richard and Sir Jonathon take solace that, whilst they've 'missed out' on the top spot, the prize they take away is the respect of those whose serve under them. A first for a few years I think. Many previous occupiers of the post are now making noise about how bad things are, but did little whilst they were in a position/ job to make a difference.
  4. Seen. That's just blatant.
  5. Trigger.......You will be calling people Dave next.
  6. IIRC he took up post in early 06.

    Do they really expect anyone to believe it is in the best interest of the forces to have the same man in the top post for over 5 years?? :?

    The way CGS has been treated genuinly makes me *ing angry...
  7. A 5 year appointment is not always bad. One of the problems industry has is management short termism. With longer at the top you get to reap what you sow..............good or bad
  8. Broon's just keeping things tidy until the next election. If the next PM wants to make a change in 2010, I'm sure he will.
  9. It is not that unexpected a move by the troops favourite Broon is it? You can't have someone that dares to speak out about trivial issues as housing conditions and pay in such a job now can we?
  10. 0730 Radio 4 Interviw Saturday 12th July 2008
    The Daily Telegraph has reported that General Sir Richard Dannatt may quit his role as the Chief of General Staff due to being by-passed by the Government for the military's top post of Chief of Defence Staff. Caroline Wyatt, our defence correspondent, explains to story. Author Allan Mallinson, who knows Sir Richard, and Labour MP Eric Joyce, a former army officer, discuss whether Sir Richard should be made Chief of General Staff.
  11. Can we discuss whether Joyce is one of the first to be strung up when the revolution comes?
  12. I've just listened to the interview, Joyce comes over as a typical New Labour sleazebag who's unwilling to be pinned down on any issue. Great putdown from Allan Mallinson (good author and ex Brigadier) "Why are you worrying about a little political embarrassment when soldiers are being maimed and killed and we're trying to win a war?"
  13. Wot's to discuss?

    Shurely the answer is "No not even one of the first. We can get round to pondlife like him after we've done B'liar, Hoon, Swiss Des, Fat Boy Prescott , Derek Twigg and one or two otherCab'net members and junior ministers".

    In the meantime, we could discuss whether Joyce actually has nuts to be strung up by.