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At last a CDS prepared to tell it like it is.  I have just seen a News Report in which the CDS actually took a stance against over stretch.  Poor old Geoff Hoon was shook to his boots, not at all how the briefing was supposed to go.

Well done CDS - let's hope they let you keep your job.  Anyone else got views?


Laugh? I nearly spray painted my PC with coffee! Judging by Mr Hoons face the comments were neither expected nor welcome. Still it makes a change for the big bosses to be so open , or is it a plan to open up discussion for the reservist call up?
'Morale problem'

Standing alongside Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, Sir Michael said: "I am extremely concerned about the military effectiveness of our armed forces...

"I do not have a box of 19,000 standing by for such duties so they must come from operational duties.

"So they are not doing their task for training for whatever eventuality may come in the future."

Sir Michael spoke of the "morale and motivation problem" of sending soldiers straight from operations in areas like Bosnia and straight into firefighting duties.

That meant they were not being allowed holidays with their families or to engage in other training for future military operations, such as against Saddam Hussein.

Mr Hoon was forced to explain, stressing the government had always said it was for civilian authorities to cross picket lines to get at red fire engines if there was a continuing strike.

The defence secretary also insisted the UK was prepared for a possible Iraq war and able to offer a "credible threat" of force against Saddam Hussein.

Sir Michael's comments, however, have suggested significant differences between the military and the government over the handling of a continuing strike.

Well said Sir Michael, but then again, that's only what's been said on here anyway, for some time now

Hang on, you don't suppose Arrse is on his favourites list do you?


What a top bloke!  I've always thought submariners were sound, if a bit mad, and this just confirms it.

How refreshing to see a senior officer answer a question honestly even if it will not please his political paymasters.  I hope Guthrie is taking notes.  Apparently Radio 1 described the interview as "buttock-clenchingly embarrassing" for Buff. ;D ;D

Three loud cheers for the buccaneering, bell-bottomed, rum, bum and 'baccy boy! ;D ;D

Exits humming "Hearts of Oak".....
I repeat:

'Very very good!  So, which one of our esteemed colleagues here put that together?! Good on you...

The trouble is, the Govt have got themselves caught in a cleft stick - what alternative to the military do they have for manning fire duties? None, as far as I'm aware.

If the military are the only publicly paid resource the Govt has that HAS to do as directed, with no possibility of refusal, of course they are going to use them.  

When you try to imagine the conversations that take place in some room on Downing Street - "They will provide cover Admiral" - "No, they won't Minister" - "Fine, I'll replace you with someone who will say yes" - what chance does the military have?

Unless the individual at the top refuses a direct order, or the whole top two echelons resigns to a man (would have to be to a man, wouldn't it, because I don't supppose for a single second there is a woman holding that rank    I'll save that fight for another time) then there is absolutely no way out, except for individual service people to leave their jobs.

What a nightmare. '

why do we have to wait until our seniour officers have their substantial pensions on the way to the bank before they will raise their heads above the parapets? Y'man Submariner retires in March!


For once a CDS has spoken before he retired.

Remember CDS at time of Options, he only com[plained after he had retired, got knighthood and pension.

Remember Guthrie, complained of over stretch after he retired.

Now we have CDS commenting before he goes, the only trouble is is that he has already been sacked (goes next march) for pointing out that Afghanistan might take longer than a weekend to win.

So he has already fallen on his sword, what about CGS (the real one, unless of course they are the same person), when will he act on a point of principle?

Admiral Sir Michael Boyce has clashed with the Government over its policy on the war on terrorism and the International Criminal Court. He also infuriated the Americans by describing their pursuit of the war on terrorism as "a high tech 21st century posse in the Wild West".

Good Man.... At the risk of being insubordinate.... Any time you'd like a tot of rum Sir, just ask....
Good on the matelot! But I for one would hope that the press keep a close eye on his job.  If he keeps telling it like it is,  those tossers in Downing St, will have him side lined.  I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't already planning his demise!
"HOON the GOON" What a larf!!!!!! He flapped like a turkey off a cliff ;D ;D

When the press asked Hoon if he shared Sir Michael's "extreme concern" that the Armed Forces were being overstreched by fire fighters' dispute, Mr Hoon quibbled with the question. "I didn't actually hear him say extreme concern," he said. It was pointed out that the CDS said he was "extremely concerned"
  "Well," said Mr Hoon "that is not quite the same thing." :-/ Mong!!!!!!!!!! ??? ???


How refreshing-perhaps we will now see other very senior officers grasping their ballax and saying "Ram it Tony/Geoff/Jack/George as required.
Walker (another infanteer in the top job) will be mroe of a politician, so stand by!!

Blimey Popeye, and there was me forgetting all about SDR  :mad: :mad: :mad:

I think you're right.

You're not Boy-Cees ADC are you? Ask him when he wants this beer will you?  ;D

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