CDS and Rebekah Wade/Brooks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Interesting to note seeing (just!) CDS standing inside the tent at the much vaunted Party of the Chipping Norton set at which Brooks/Cameron and company all attended. Was that duty or private business, judging by his Mess Kit it was a duty??
  2. Motes and beams - how appropriate that sermon was on Sunday in hindsight!

    I would remind anybody in the establishment to consider that the "six degrees of separation" has not been suspended for the duration of the News International affair and that everybody needs to check out their own degree of connectivity before chucking glaur!

    I wonder what Mr Milliband will be embarrassed by in the near future? Apart from Bruin's ravings and untruths that is.
  3. I doubt if he'll be embarrassed by anything. Though much may be revealed that is to his political and personal detriment.
    Cheesy Tony's been very quiet. Probably busy Googling 'warm country no extradition treaty britain apply citizenship'.
  4. Brilliant!!
  5. BREAKING NEWS! CDS seen in the company of important people! BREAKING NEWS!


  6. No, its hardly breaking news , but thanks for your enthusiasm, good to see. The point was more of an observation linked to a question. Sorry to have disturbed you.
  7. That's OK, carry on…