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Is it possible to become an OP Ack in 29 Cdo without being selected for NGO training? If I request to do the Cdo course at the beginning of Phase 1 and pass will I become an OP ack with 29 or will I have to wait?
yes u can, once you have passed the Cdo course,but the needs of the Regt come first and you may find yourself doing another job, not sure on 29 Policy for ineperianced gunners in the Tac Grps or FST as they are now know
I've done a bit more research and it seems that you have to do the NGO course to become part of 148 bty, but you don't need to be selected if you volunteer for 29cdo.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
i would sugest that you do a bit of time with 29 before applying for 148 Bty
148 Bty is a very different beast to other Btys in 29, its a dedicate Naval Gunfire OP unit but not the only OP unit in the Regt, each Cdo Bty will have their own OP parties which do "conventional" OP work

To do this ?

Join up
Pass out throgh Pirbright
Do ACS (signals) for Phase 2
Volunteer for 29 Cdo
Join Bty and state preference for OPs
Prove yourself good enough to do the job

Once you have down a few years of that I advose you to go for 148. you will not regret it
A course based pretty much on signals, I'm old school and am not sure exactly what level you get from Phase 2
shortly phase 2 training will change for the gunners, you will leave Larkhill as a driver signaller, this then gives greater flexability for the regiments
You do not have the chance to take OPA training at Ph 2. The ACS skills are a core requirement for when you subsequently transfer to OPs (once in the regiment) when you will be taught all you need. Comms (ie ACS) is essential to because, as the great 'Don' in 29 would say, 'No comms, no bombs!' :bom:

By the way, all OPs in the 29 gun batteries do a bit of naval gunfire work, even if just a bit of theory. The main difference between 148 and the gun battery OPs these days is that the 148 lads are optimised to work with the brigade recce force; the gun battery OPs with their supported RM commando unit. But in Afghanistan they were pretty much mixed up all over the theatre.
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