Discussion in 'RLC' started by Condottieri, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. How does it work? My understanding is that it is RM bar the Logistics Support Sqn which is mixed RM/RLC but that is from the RN website and don't really trust it! I had a look on the RLC Army website but amusingly, it was 'under construction'.

    Any overview of how it is manned / commanded etc would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. My dads mate still runs one of their companies/squadrons down in Plymouth.

    Theyre a decent enough bunch and get well looked after by the batties.

    Think he's RLC with a green lid?.. but i guess theres some RM bods mixed in to?

    They get left alone by the Army and I hear that they've got some decent jobs coming up soon.

    (sorry, not much help)
  3. Cdo Log Regt RM: Integral 2nd Line Combat Service Support for 3 Cdo Bde RM.

    Commanded by a RM Colonel, with an RM Lt Col 2IC.

    5 x Sqn: HQ Sqn - RM OC & RM ranks
    Eqpt Sp Sqn - REME OC, REME 2IC & REME Tp Comds, RLC Stores Sect, RM VMs, Reccy Mechs, etc.
    LFSP Sqn (Close Sp) - RM OC, RLC 2IC, RLC/RM Tp Comds, RM ranks
    Log Sp Sqn (Gen Sp) - RLC OC, RLC 2IC, RLC/RM Tp Coms, RLC SSgt in Arty Sp Tp, RM ranks
    Med Sqn - RN OC, RM 2IC, RN Tp Comds, RN Medics & RM Dvrs

    Based at RMB Chivenor, near Barnstaple (great location).

    All Army ranks encouraged to attend the AACC, & indeed most want to whilst down there. Comprehensive pre-AACC (NOT a beasting) with a high success rate.

    A great posting, and as part of a high readiness Bde, almost guaranteed to go on Ops, & definitely Norway/Africa/USA on exercise each year.

    Hope this helps & PM me if you require any further, more detailed info.
  4. Thanks for that F_CGS, I couldn't have asked for a more detailed answer!

    How competitive is it for officer postings? I know the RE equivalent is highly subscribed. However, are there that many good officers in the RLC to take up the posting? I'm not starting a RLC bashing as it is an honest question - the RLC have arguably the most important role in the army but do get the dregs as far as officers go. Presumably those that actually apply for the RLC and want to be there rather than go through 'clearing' at RMAS are good and so the CDO Reg comes from that pool?

  5. The majority of RLC subbies now recruited come from the top-third at Sandhurst (note I said majority, not all, and this is fact, not opinion!).

    With regard to competitiveness for officer postings, look at it this way: it is the only CSS Bn/Regt in the whole of the UK Armed Forces (16x has a CS Med Regt, a REME Sqn, and an RLC Regt, all commanded by different people, so not comparable). For a professional officer in the CSS world, it is a fantastic opportunity to get comprehensive experience of 2nd line CSS within a high-readiness Bde. An element of CLR is permanently at R2 (rotated within the Regt to share the experience), and as said previously, there are opportunities to exercise in Norway each year, as well as wherever else elements of the Bde are goining. In the time I was there, this included East Africa, Norway, the USA and Europe.

    The key thing with officers is to gain volunteers of a robust-enough character to both pass the AACC, and work with Royal. By robust, I mean professional, fit and confident (not necessarily traits for all RLC officers!).

    The posts open to RLC officers are as follows: OC Log Sp Sqn, Regt Ops Officer, 2IC Log Sp Sqn, 2IC LFSP Sqn, Tp Comd CSups Tp, Trg Offr Log Sp Sqn & Tp Comd Cbt Sp Tp.

    The Cdo world has its own ethos and 'esprit de corps' distinct from normal Corps/Regimental ones, and for those attaining their green lid, this remains with you for the remainder of your life, not just career. It is something different, in a different environment, with (I believe) as good an opportunity to exercise and go on Ops as any part of the Army. In MS terms, it is no 'show stopper' if you do a good job - therefore the same as any other job.

    Additionally, as CLR comes under FLEET HQ and not LAND, there are greater AT opportunities, and all personnel take their FULL leave entitlement (as directed by 2SL), so the moral component is as well looked after as the physical!
  6. On what experience or facts do you base the comments in your last two sentences? The RLC has its fair share of weaker officers (no more or less than any other Arm or Corps), but it also has some fine individuals. To answer your misguided question, there is bound to be competition for so few places in the Cdo Logs, however I would not class it as fierce competition as there are a variety of other excellent units in which to serve. Passing the All Arms Commando Course is indeed an admirable feat, but does necessarily make a better all round officer.
  7. Really?

    Just out of curiosity, where is that "fact" substantiated?
  8. Neither fact or experience but a reflection of the opinions that have been presented to me previously. Of which I might add I was more than willing to rescind in light of the experience on here. That is the reason I asked Bellend.

    I also fail to see how my question was misguided. Perhaps it was misinformed but Future_CGS managed to provide a learned response of which I am grateful, thank you.
  9. Cdo Log - A good concept, but it has a few hangups and has had to work hard to eradicate the quite nasty bullying that was rife a few years back among the junior ranks - not sure if they've made it yet, but they're trying. You do get a few RM wannabes who spoil it for the rest and cause friction between the Royal & RLC elements - but I'm sure that's the same for most mixed/attached CDO units (or Airborne for that matter). The majority of the guys are down to earth & hard working (of course they play hard too).

    As Future CGS said, the ethos and 'Commando Spirit' is definitely more 'in your face' than other RLC units, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what you're used to and how you deal with it.

    Technically, not a very strong unit (more into the weights & phys), but they seem to get the job done (albeit with brute force rather than technical ability).

    The RM blokes are usually good to work and socialise with and if you were posted there, I'm sure you'd have a good time. Worth a slot on your Posting Preference if you're DEFINITELY fit enough to pass the AACC - if not, don't even think about it.
  11. SHS, you are being fooled by name. clearly NI CSS regt is deployed (and therefore, defacto, non deployable). did anyone really not understand what was meant by a reme sqn, sorry coy. anyway, i'm just completing some dw, perhaps you could red pen it for me.
  12. Condo, I agree with Future entirely and would add that the RLC also provide the Regtl Ops Offr. Some steers on the RLC and RLC in Cdo Forces to help on your not often seen admission (which I commend you on) of misinformation as you appear to be someone possibly about to begin training or about to have to make some choices about your future;

    1. Do not be lead astray by the easily too often spouted rants about REMFs and the RLC. We do not do bayonet charges or win many VCs/ MCs doing stuff which usually makes chicks moist. We accept that before we join which makes the vast majority of us very content in what we do and therefore in numerous sub units fires the bellies of certain RLC tribes to forge a unique identity and sense of belonging; cdo, para, AT, Pnr, MTI, Postie, Tk Tptr...the list is endless and long may it continue.

    2. The RLC have a fairly equal percentage per capita nobber ratio as most other capbadges ranging from your very fit, informed, motivated, dedicated and inspiring leaders of blokes and lassies through to your pot-noodling, lock myself in the mess, sleep in my kit then go to work in it, unfit, uninterested and incompetent despised idle individual. I can confirm these people exist throughout every capbadge in the Army thankfully in small number. The good by far out weigh the bad who allow the good to go further.

    3. Cdo Log Regt RM is an RM unit and you will reap all the benefits this unique expierince affords including Winter and Jungle warfare training, deployments on Ships Logistic Task Groups and the opportunity to achieve the green lid. The RLC Sqn elements can be dated back to Jul '64 with the formation of the Ordnance Field Park and the offical establishment of the Regt in '72. This is worth considering when those outside the wire, who have never served with the Bde or attempted the AACC, question the your motivation and the lads respect for the standards of the Sqn. The point to be made here is that Royal, one the most accepting formations, sees the RLC role as vital and has a healthy respect for the added enthusiasm they bring. The passage of time therefore has bonded the two together, it is a pleasure and an marvellous expierience to serve there. Yes the RLC blokes have an attititude, a can-do we must win we want leading atttitude; as do 59 Ind Cdo Sqn RE and 29 Cdo Regt RA to name others. It's healthy, hard won (not through rife bullying) and allows results to be achieved beyond it's size.

    4. As for those who regard the RLC Sqns technical competence being achieved by brute force this is simply not the case. Thing of the past that has been more than proven and improved on several op tours, ex deployments from Norway to on board ship off the coast of Africa. In addition, those Cdo trd personnel who would appear to be responsible for this apparent ineptitude seem to be doing rather well on every single promotions board, commissions board and MPC(A) grading position I delight in seeing. The only JNCO in 3 Cdo Bde RM to win an MBE during OP TELIC 1 was an RLC JNCO from CLR RM for his work on HMS Ocean during the assault on to the Al Faw Peninsular which again if not recognition for a impressive display of technical currency and worth then I am no sure what is. There is always room for improvement in every sphere of the Corps, including the Sqn and the minority who tell you otherwise are blagging and lack the drive to fight forward.

    5. Cdo Forces is not the only reason to join the RLC but it is an option amongst many options and why joining the Corps attracts so many good people. The RLC forum is by no means a barometer of feeling about pride or enjoyment in the Corps and the posts worth reading are those who question the instigaters. Condo, good luck on your research and remember if you don't have a go you will never know. I, like Future, am more than willing to dish out any tips and hints you might need on squaring yourself away so feel free to PM me anytime mate.

    6. Remember - never flash at a hot post.
  13. Wise words indeed Cakewell - thank you for the advice and the offer of further help if required, it is much appreciated. I laughed at your sixth point, perhaps I shouldn't have but I was keen to stress that my queries were genuine and not mocking. I am reading the other thread on 'why join the RLC' with interest.
  14. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not having a go at the All Arms course is my biggest regret. When I was young enough I had different goals. I have recommended this route to all of my suitable young soldiers.

    The closeness and ethos of the Log Bn stands out and friendships made there seem to stand the test of time. The opportunity to train hard and play hard and see the world is an attractive draw and trained individuals seek posting (draft) there time after time.

    I do agree that there can be problems when they return to the field army (this includes bouts of nakedness). With a little extra development these individuals soon catch up, and with there other skills soon flourish. As a point some of the best tradesmen I have worked with are from a Log’s background.

    If you’re thinking about it have a go. Remember ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

    NEVER REGRET, and never die wondering

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  15. Now I want you to listen and listen carefully. I am a currently serving SNCO in Her Majesties Royal Marines and as such have a wealth of Operational and other such knowledge. My younger brother is an Officer in the RLC and as well as being younger, has more qualifications, earns more money, and carries more social status than I do, so for you to infer that he as a member of the RLC is the dross of the officer corps is massively offensive. I would love to know where you get your massively misguided opinion from and if you have the stones, to leave your address on here so I can come down there and tear you a new arrsehole face to face. You are obviously a wannabe who needs his cnut well and truly kicked in. I suggest you re-appraise your view at a rapid rate of knots before you find yourself face to face with someone who won’t listen to your sh!t and will quite happily tear your lips off so no-one will have to listen to you ever again!!!!