CDE Porton Down tests in the 1980's

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PortonDown, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. I am assisting a mate & fellow veteran with an appeal on a War Pension. He attended PD back in 1980. Usual stuff was in Hohne and the "Volunteers Required" in Part II Orders was a free trip back to the UK & extra leave etc.

    I have most of the information from him that he requested under the Freedom of Information Act as well as his Red Book.

    I have a list of the various tests that he undertook including 4 P2S or PRALIDOXIME intra muscular injections.

    He thinks that he was paid 'extra' cash to undertake these but it was 30 years ago so his mind is little vague.

    Has anybody else done these tests and could they advise roughly the amount that was paid for these tests ?
  2. I dont know the answer, but I do know someone who has done a lot of research into PD - I'll ping him an email and see if he's got anything.
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    When I did my NBC instructors course, we had a lecture from the Porton Boffins trying to prompt us to volunteer, nobody volunteered!
  5. Quite right too. I remember seeing appeals for volunteers fo PD on Part 1s and thinking "no way Jose". At least with military parachuting you gets your money and know that when you land it will usually hurt. It does not take a doctor to tell you what hitting a solid object with various parts of your body may do to you.

    PD by the very nature of what they are testing means they probably don't have much idea of the effects and need to find out more.

    And people call parachutists stupid for jumping out of 'perfectly servicable aircraft'.
  6. Many thanks indeed Alsacien. This Gentleman went from been a model soldier & very competitive sportsman, Ski Instructor, X-Country runner etc into a downward spiral straight after Porton Down. Started smoking ciggerates, hit the drink heavy and tried to commit suicide within 18 months of attending Porton Down. Was thrown out as SNLR and has had an awful quality of life since.
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    You are welcome - but as Oyibo says, he must have been a bit soft in the head to do it in the first place!
    PRALIDOXIME has I understand, passed clinical trials in the US and later the UK (perhaps elsewhere also).
    PRALIDOXIME CHLORIDE INJECTION(AUTO-INJECTOR) this link suggests it can be administered by civilians also. Maybe worth cross checking some of the biblographic references at the end (unless you have UK stuff).
    Best of luck to you both.
  8. I had a good experience, I went there in Nov 1980. I did physical test for the new (well was then)respirator. I had a friend that did a " chemical " test at the same time. I got selected for the physical test,he was with the other volunteers.The going rate was 70p a test.The test could be as simple as taking your blood pressure. I think I got paid about £200 for the 6 weeks, all I did was 10 mins on an exercise bike per day, the rest of the time was my own. The accomodation and food was good and nobody was in charge, you just turned up for your tests.