CD Drive Wont Release CD

As described, the CD went in and refuses to eject. It plays normally but wont eject the damn thing. Switching it off and on does nothing. Has this happened to anyone? Is there a way to get the thing out without taking it apart?
There is normally a little hole on the front (often above the eject button) push a pin in there and it opens the tray manually.
Thanks very much, I'll give that a try
A paper clip is optimal for the size of hole. (Obviously you have to straighten it out!)

Quite a firm push is needed and a pin might slip past the operating lever and jam. The end of a paper clip is less likely to.
I can get the bugger open for you.
What happened I'm fascinated by this story.
Just remember, if you can fix it with a hammer or explosives, you've got an electrical problem.
Jackychan the ******.

note- Several applications may be required

Give it a Chuck look - it'll open then, although it may disintegrate through fear!
As has been said, the little hole in the front of the drive is there for this very purpose, but if you can't find a paperclip (FFS) try this.

Go to 'my computer' right click on the approriate drive, from the drop down menu left click 'eject'.

Has anything worked yet? The action occuring on this post and the Dale Farm business, are making my trousers shrink I'm so excited.
this should do it


Phew only World Peace and global poverty left to sort out then.

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