CD drive not working

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by SODA, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. my kids have been using the computer now the CD drive wont work! the compiter is an hp compaq 2 years old. any sugestions? other than keeping the kids away from the computer. many thanks.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    When you say `won't work`, do you mean it won't open or won't read CDs?

  3. it opens and closes but nothing happens just an amber light comes on below the drive.
  4. Using XP? Go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management, device manager, expand dvd/cd rom drives then right click the drive and go to properties.
    At the bottom it will say either use this device (enable) or do not use this device (disable), make sure its enabled.
  5. When you boot up your PC, does a green light appear on your CD drive for a short time?

    One quick way to tell if you PC can actually see your drive is to go into the control panel as mentioned above and if you can see your CD drive. If you can, right click and "remove" the device. then reboot and your PC should reinstall the drive and its driver. If it doesnt it means it cannot detect it. If this is the case see (a) below. If your drive is detected and is reinstalled and still fails to work then I would say it looks like its buggered, but the good news is they are dirt cheap (£20 or less) and dead easy to install.

    (a) All the opening and closing proves unfortunately is that the power cable is connected to the drive. It could be your connection from the Drive to the motherboard is loose, if you are happy to take the side of the case off, just try pushing the cables securely into the back of the drive.
  6. Check inside to make sure your kids haven't used it for a jam sandwich table, coke can holder or the like.

    Don't laugh I have seen both of those and more.
  7. Get a vacuum cleaner nozzle close to the opening. It could just be a bit of fluff on the open/close sensor thingy.

    PS Use a cylinder vacuum cleaner - you'll strain yourself with an upright! :)
  8. It’s not advisable to go into the case without wearing an anti static band,Personal-protective-equipment,Anti-static-wristband

    Without one you risk unknowingly letting off a static charge that you wouldn’t notice.
    Static electricity can cause damage to a component which you may not notice until several months later when the damaged part finally dies on you.

    If someone has been in SODAs computer without the above mentioned band that may explain why the CD drive has stopped working for no apparent reason.

  9. Hmmm, I dont actually disagree, but this is one of those Health and Saftey type things and corectness gone mad things, that every one agrees is a good idcea because there is a slim chance something MIGHT happen. The actual number of times this has occured to people, I would say is minimal, and unless its your day job, dont bother with the band, turn the PC off at the mains, but leave the plug in, this means the Power supply is earthed, and discharge static from yourself by touching a radiator or some other earthed part of your house.

    Sorry if this sounds un PC But I have never owned a ant static strap, nor has any PC I have ever fixed for anyone ever had any resultant damage or component stop mysteriously working, but then I have only been doing it 20 years :roll:
  10. It only takes 30v to fry a PC component, but then I’ve only been doing this for 10yrs so what would I know.
  11. Try the next 10 years without the strap then (and just earthing yourself as I described of course), and let me know :p
  12. You’ll be telling me there’s no need for my rubber suit next :D
  13. Not unless you are looking at one of those "Speciallist" Web Sites :D