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Hello all, i know there are a few on here with knowledge on this so im hoping you can help. Also i am completely new to CCTV equipment so sorry if i am asking any silly questions. I have found a good if simple DVR kit with 4 cameras which will meet my needs in work. They are coverage of 2 separate check out areas, 1 open area illuminated by 2 security lights and 1 main gate covered by 1 security light (camera will be about 20m for this one).

The package i am thinking of is:
DVR KIT - 2420

1) It seems to be a generic DVR but it has all the features i need. Remote access and motion activation being the 2 main. Does anybody recognise it? Is it one to avoid? Also is the internal HDD easy to swap out, just put in a correctly formatted new one?

2) The 2 bullet cameras with it will be used for the open outdoor areas. They say they are weatherproof, but how is this in reality? I plan to put them under guttering which provide a good deal of cover, but could they theoretically be mounted outside completely exposed? If a housing was required, is a typical housing a housing as i have seen them as cheap as £25? And what is the benefit of a heater?
Also they will be mainly needed for night time viewing. Would the built in IR lamps plus the 2 security lights be enough to comfortably cover out to about 20m? Is colour still bad for night recording as i was told years ago B&W was best?

3) The dome cameras will be used indoors in a fully lit area at a max of 5m range so no issues there.

4) I also plan to use this camera (2.4GHz Wireless 10m Nightvision CCTV Camera with Audio Free Delivery : 2.4GHz Wireless CMOS Cameras : Maplin) if i can for the main gate. Again same question of how weather proof it is and how far it could reliably see with its IR with added security lights on the main area of interest at around 20m.

I know they are generic non-brand kit but im hoping information can be gleaned from the specs and experience.

Sinner or maguire are probably your best bet.

I know who invented CCTV.
Sure more talented bods will be along shortly, but from my own experience I've found that 420 TVL (your first link) or 380TVL (2nd link) cameras don't provide the image clarity you expect. It's more expensive to go for 600 or 700 TVL cameras but the images are much sharper.

If you need anything at trade prices PM me and I'll dig around some of the suppliers that I use now and then, but £500-odd is probably more realistic for a good setup.

The dome cameras I have at home have a rated 50m IR range but is closer to 20m full illumination - image quality is excellent still. They are weatherproof too and quite happily stand up to British weather in all its vagaries.


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the little swann units can leak so a drop of silicone is a good idea, not serious but enough to mist out the lens.

i've just been given some by an emigrating neighbour and havent a clue what to do with them.
the little swann units can leak so a drop of silicone is a good idea, not serious but enough to mist out the lens.

i've just been given some by an emigrating neighbour and havent a clue what to do with them.
Put them in the Womens changing room at the gym..... simples.

Concur on the Swann cameras outside needing a bit of sealant. I know our camera engineers are keen on it on our exposed cameras (pole mounted).
I had a small cctv system from Maplins for home, similar spec to the one you're looking at and it was fine until the rain got in. Lesson learned and when replaced will be in cases and sealed.

Whatever system you get Use the higher frame rate and highest quality recorder settings. It will fill the hardrive quicker, but produce clearer images on playback.
Most people try to get the longest amount of time possible before the hardrive starts to overwrite itself. So end up with fuzzy grainy image.
At work here they use to record for 36 days before overwrite started.
Most things that need archiving as evidence you will know about on the day of the incident. So will save it to disc/usb stick ASAP.
So the higher quality the better.
After sometime we have managed to get the management to agree to alter the settings and now have the hardrives on a 16 day cycle and the playback is now watchable/usable.
For £200 you do get what you pay for.
I wouldn't use wireless cameras for anything other than a deterrent as they are useless for security.
I'm currently looking to install something in a low security area using IP cams from Panasonic/Axis or Cisco. These are HD, day night and have face detection etc. They are POE so only a CAT5 cable is required to install.
They record onto a QNAP NAS box which for a 2x 1Tb one is £200. The cams though are £400+ each.

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